Aftermath: Wilder vs Ortiz 2

Boxing Monthly
24/11/2019 5:20pm

Photos (top to bottom): Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Steve Marcus/Getty Images; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

GettyImages 1189683310Tom Craze, Callum Rudge, James Oddy, Lee Gormley and Andrew Harrison from the BM online team assess Deontay Wilder's dramatic stoppage victory in his rematch with Luis Ortiz...

BM: Did we learn anything new about Wilder?

TC: I don’t think so, but this fight underlines what we thought we knew already: this is a once-in-a-generation right hand, and he just has the utmost faith in it always being enough.

CR: Not really, he’s the same man he was before. A quite poor boxer but a tough man, with a great engine and genuine one punch power. He makes a mockery of the things boxers are taught about footwork and ring GettyImages 1189700780positioning. He just lands big shots and wins.

JO: I think we learned that he isn't capable of really making tactical adjustments even between fights. He was losing the fight and being outboxed, like in the first Ortiz fight. That doesn't mean he 'can't box' though. He's tough, brave and that power is unreal. All of those things are fairly essential for being a good heavyweight.

LG: Nothing new really. He believes in his power so much he could can afford to take more than half of a fight off. Crazy punch power!

AH: He’s worse technically than we thought – but his punch is even better than we knew. I’m struggling to think of another fighter like him from history. He barely threw a decent shot through six rounds, allowed himself to be outboxed by a virtual fossil, and then ended the fight with one punch. It’s some trick.

BM: End of the road for Ortiz?

TC: In the post-fight interview, Ortiz seemed to suggest he’d be fighting on, and I think that’s the right decision. There will always be the jokes about him fighting into his fifth decade, but I thought he was excellent last night. Ortiz needs the big fights to keep him focused - we don’t need to see him against the likes of Travis Kauffman and Razvan Cojanu at this point - but should he maintain his new, trimmer physique, he’s an immensely tricky match for any top ten heavyweight in the next 12-18 months.

CR: I don’t think so, he’s still a very good boxer who for seven rounds was dominating Wilder, he just got caught with a shot. I think there’s a belt of some sort in his future. He looked in good shape last night.

JO: No. He's in the top five or six at heavyweight. Being starched by Wilder isn't something to be ashamed of.

LG: Ortiz was boxing brilliantly up to the knockout and I still think he would cause plenty of problems for any other heavyweight not called Deontay Wilder. Despite being stopped twice, the problem will be the other big names still won't be lining up to face him, once again.

AH: He can probably plod on for a bit. He was looking better aesthetically last night and he knows enough rudimentary technique to run rings around some of the faces we’ve seen land big fights of late.

BM: With Fury vs Wilder looking like it’s next which way are you leaning?

TC: There’s no doubt some recency bias creeping in here, but right now I’d say Wilder. That might shift again on another viewing of their first fight, and it is, of course, worth remembering that Ortiz just outboxed him in every round before the fateful seventh. That said, I think Wilder will land clean on Fury at some point, so as of now the question is this: can Fury drag himself up off the canvas if he’s dropped again? Will he be even conscious to do so?

CR: Wilder by knockout. Watching the fight last night, you would make Fury the big favourite to beat Wilder by a comfortable decision. But I just have a feeling that Wilder isn’t ready to lose yet and he’ll find a shot like he did last night that keeps ‘The Gypsy King’ down for a count of 10.

JO: Had the fight happened straight away I'd have said Fury but now I'm not so sure. Wilder just finds a way to land those big shots. Fury, meanwhile, hasn't done a great deal save 'beat' Braun Stowman in WWE.

LG: Fury's been distracted by a lot of different things outside of boxing and I get the impression he's not fully in it any more. That plus the fact Wilder was already able to catch and drop him twice the first time out makes me think the American can get to him again but finish the job.

AH: Fury will be fitter than last time and will box Wilder’s ears off for as long as he's upright. Wilder will almost certainly land at some point – but he landed perfectly in the first fight and couldn’t get it done. So, I’d lean towards a Fury win on the cards.