Aftermath: Lomachenko vs Campbell

Boxing Monthly
01/09/2019 6:52am

Photos: Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

GettyImages 1171407961BM online's P4P number one Vasiliy Lomachenko now holds three portions of the world lightweight title after defeating Luke Campbell on Saturday night. Lee Gormley, Shaun Brown and Callum Rudge give their take on the contest...

BM: How did you score and see the fight?

LG:I was lucky enough to there at ringside enjoying another Lomachenko masterclass. I didn’t score it properly but it was hard to see any rounds that Campbell clearly won at all. It was a dominant showing for Loma against a bigger opponent and he was very close to getting the stoppage on a couple of occasions. It was a privilege to see a genius live at work.

SB: 117-111 Lomachenko. He controlled most of the proceedings. That jab is a thing of beauty. Campbell stayed competitive enough to give you a wee feeling that his body shots in particular might do something for him. When Loma had to step it up though he did. Campbell earned more stripes tonight and has enhanced his reputation across the world.

CR: I scored it 117-110 for Lomachenko. While I had the scores fairly comfortable for the champion, the fight was anything but. Campbell troubled the Ukrainian from the opening bell with his size and reach advantages. The Hull man focused his efforts on Lomachenko’s body and definitely hurt his man more than once. In the end Lomachenko’s ring generalship and speed were the difference and the knockdown put an exclamation point on a strong performance for the champion.

BM: Can the winner of the likely Teofimo Lopez vs Richard Commey fight dethrone Loma?

LG: No fighter’s unbeatable but Loma at his best is probably the closest thing to being that today. Campbell did land a few shots that got his attention but I think it would take a huge puncher at the weight to derail him. Neither Commey nor Lopez are the ones to do it in my opinion. Loma outclasses both of them.

SB: Not in my opinion. Commey (who I think will beat Lopez) might have the strength and power to disrupt Lomachenko but that's only if he gets the chance to do it, can fend off what's coming back, stay disciplined and keep doing all of that for 36 minutes. For anyone between 126 and 130lbs that seems impossible to me.

CR: I think Loma would dominate and stop Lopez but Commey is a much bigger man than Lomachenko and is a solid puncher at the weight. I would of course pick the Ukrainian to win but both would be fun fights.

BM: Do you (still) see Loma as the P4P number one?

LG: Lomachenko is the best fighter on the planet and pound-for-pound king, undoubtedly.

SB: Yes. I've seen nothing of late to change my opinion. And like I've said before I think we're lucky to have guys like him, Usyk, Crawford and Inoue around in this generation. Special fighters.

CR: Before tonight I had Canelo at number 1 and Lomachenko at number 2, and Crawford at 3. Tonight hasn’t changed anything for me. Those three, along with Usyk and Inoue, are the elite in the sport and they can be in any order you like. We’re very lucky to have such great talent boxing at their peak right now.