Editorial policy

Founded in May 1989, Britain's Boxing Monthly magazine is now the world's leading professional boxing title.

Editorially led and predominantly feature based, Boxing Monthly has a truly international perspective on world boxing.

Highly acclaimed sportswriter Graham Houston, with 35 years' experience in boxing journalism, is the magazine's editor. He is supported by a vastly experienced team of prestigious boxing writers including Steve Bunce, Ron Borges, Steve Lillis and Ron Lewis.

Together they provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive and illustrated analysis available covering not only professional boxing but also its increasingly complicated political workings. In doing so, they produce a magazine that is informative, interesting, educational and at the same time entertaining - in short a truly indispensable regular companion to all fans' enjoyment of the sport.

Boxing Monthly has an A4-size format - a 64-page, full colour monthly.

The magazine emphasis is on quality article writing throughout, giving an insight into the sport as a lively and informative read, and at a price giving real value for money. Latest independent World and British Boxers' Ratings are also featured every month, in addition to a worldwide results section. Fight previews, ringside reports, book and video reviews and interviews are all further illustrated by award winning photography from Allsport throughout.


  • Boxing Monthly is Britain and Europe's best-selling boxing publication
  • The magazine's average UK readership is about 15,000 a month
  • Its readers are predominantly young men, 72% being under the age of 45
  • Boxing Monthly is the perfect medium to specifically target both casual and die-hard fans, as well as boxers, promoters, trainers and others involved at every level of the sport
  • Price UK £4.50, US $8.99
  • Published by Kelsey Media on the last Thursday of every month
  • Distributed and exported worldwide monthly by Seymour Distribution Ltd

Magazine advertising - rates & sizes

Effective From January 1st 1998 - Prices exclude VAT

1. Display advertising rates / sizes

We provide an optional service of typesetting and production of display adverts, using up to three colour scans, completely free of charge. In cases where more than three scans are used, a nominal charge of £10.00 per additional scan is payable towards production costs.

Display Rates



Double Page Spread



Back Cover



Inside Front Cover



Full Page



Half Page



Quarter Page




Display dimensions
(Height x width in millimetres)

  Trim Size Bleed Size Type PageArea
DPS 297x420 304x426 265x396
Full page 297x210 304x216 265x187
Half page Horizontal -- -- 130x187
Half page vertical -- -- 265x91
Quarter page -- -- 130x91

The magazine is STANDARD BRITISH A4-SIZE, 64 pages, saddle stitched.

COMPLETE FLAT ARTWORK required, or POSITIVE FILM (right way reading, emulsion side down).

Screen density
Black & white: 120 lines per inch/48 lines per cm (lpc)
Colour: 133 lines per inch/54 lines per cm (lpc)

Loose and bound inserts available, over full or partial print run


2. Classified advertising rates / sizes

Typical ads pageClassified rate is £10.00 per column centimetre per month (column width is 59.5 mm).

Full-colour classified adverts only £10.00 extra for any size of advert.

Picture scans only £10 each. P.O.Box Numbers £12 each.

The classified pages are divided into 3 columns, each 59.5mm wide (see magazine pages 61-63 for actual examples). The cost of a single column advert is £10 for each centimetre in height. MINIMUM SIZED ADVERT IS SINGLE COLUMN x 3cm height (= £30 plus vat per month). Full colour is available for any advert for £10 extra (whatever the size). Picture scans for use as adverts cost £10 each. Use of P.O.Box Numbers cost £12 each. All prices are subject to vat (value added tax, currently 17.5%).

All typesetting of adverts is free of charge. Adverts can be posted or faxed, handwritten or simply dictated over the telephone. Use our advertising contact details to ask for more information if required.

Magazine Column 1
59.5mm wide
Magazine Column 2
59.5mm wide
Magazine Column 3
59.5mm wide
Advert single column wide (59.5mm) and 4cm high will cost
1 x 4cm x £10 = £40+vat (black/white).
For colour add £10 = £50+vat.
SIZES NOT ACTUAL Single column advert 7cm high will cost
1 x 7cm x £10 = £70+vat (black/white).
For colour add £10 = £80+vat.
Single column advert 3cm high will cost
1 x 3cm x £10 = £30+vat (black/white).
For colour add £10 = £40+vat.
This area represents an advert 2 columns wide by 3cm high, and therefore costs
2 x 3cm x £10 = £60+vat in black/white.
For colour add £10 = £70+vat.
This area represents an advert 3 columns wide by 4cm high, and therefore costs
3 x 4cm x £10 = £120+vat in black/white.
For colour add £10 = £130+vat.

3. Series advertising discounts

Applicable to display adverts and classified adverts

10% discount for three issues, 20% for six issues, 30% for 12 issues.


Contact for all advertising

For your ringside seat inside Britain's best boxing title, please contact Russell Bedford at Talk Media Sales
Tel: +44 01732 445325 
Or e-mail:
Or write to: Talk Media Sales, No 4 Court Lodge Centre, Plaxdale Green Road, Stanstead, Kent TN15 7PG