The Big Question: What's your fight of the year so far for 2017?

Boxing Monthly
18/02/2017 11:09pm

It's early days, but 2017 has been blessed with several barnstorming boxing bouts already. We asked the Boxing Monthly online team what their fight of the year is so far...

It wasn't the most high-profile of fights and it was a little lacking in technical expertise, but Takashi Miura going toe to toe against Mickey Roman was eye-watering stuff. Miura dropped Roman with one of the most hellacious body shots I've ever seen, a left hook, with almost a run-up before hand. The fact Roman got back up from it and battled on for two more rounds was even more unbelievable. - James Oddy

We're not long into the year but there's already so much to choose from - DeGale vs Jack was a back-and-forth battle between two elite fighters with the only disappointment the fact we didn't get a winner. Frampton vs Santa Cruz 2 was good without being great, Frampton's lacklustre showing meaning I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped to.

My favourite fight so far this year though was one of the first I saw in the flesh and it will take some by surprise. While most were disappointed by the result, I really enjoyed David Price vs Christian Hammer. Like Jack vs DeGale it was a back and forth fight - Price showed in spurts that he has the power to hurt anyone but in the end the Liverpudlian was let down by the mental frailties that cause him to tire so quickly. What he and Hammer do next will be fascinating to say the least. - Callum Rudge

It's already shaping up to be a heck of a year for the sport, with my personal favourite an obvious one: Jack vs DeGale. This one boasted a terrific atmosphere, high stakes, drama, exciting swings in momentum and intriguing tactical elements to enjoy. The draw is fine by me too, since it prevents either taking an undeserved step back and keeps both on track for more cracking fights later in the year. - Chris Williamson

2017 is going to be a comeback year for boxing after a lacklustre 2016. We have enjoyed several great fights already but Jack vs DeGale stands out. This fight had everything: two-way action, knockdowns, busted teeth and a controversial decision that left fans wanting more. Like most, I feel Jack did enough to win. He must agree, because his subsequent move to the light heavyweight division will deprive us of a rematch ... at least for now. - Michael Montero

I'm going with the consensus and plumping for Jack vs DeGale. Not only was it a thrilling contest which swung one way and then the other, but it was also a bout of significance, in terms of establishing a new title lineage at super middleweight. A draw was a pretty fair result, even if it leaves us no nearer to knowing who the true king is at 168lbs. Miura vs Roman was also a real thriller, but didn't quite have the same 'big-fight significance'. - Luke G. Williams