The Big Question: Warrington vs Galahad - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
13/06/2019 7:30pm

Photo: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Josh Warrington defends his IBF featherweight title against Kid Galahad on Saturday night. We asked members of the BM online team who they think will prevail...

I’m finished picking against Josh Warrington after his last two wins! But I do fancy him to beat Kid Galahad anyway in a closer fight than maybe expected.  Aggression and work rate should see Warrington over the line for a decision victory. - Lee Gormley

Tough one. Since the move up to featherweight I feel that some little spark has been missing from Galahad's career, and on the basis that Warrington keeps proving me wrong, it's about time I backed him. So I'll go with Warrington, on points, after a scrappy fight where Galahad moves around a lot, Warrington misses a fair bit, but Warrington gets the nod for pressing the action and controlling the centre of the ring. - Colin Harris

I think Warrington will dominate him. Galahad has a skill set to bother a certain level of fighter but Warrington's offense is world level, ferocious and has been proven against Lee Selby and Carl Frampton (both of whom are a level above Galahad). Warrington might need a round or two to adjust to Galahad's style but the body attacks, the stinging hooks and the inside work will be far too much for the challenger. Warrington TKO 10. - Shaun Brown

Warrington is relentless, with an engine largely unrivalled in boxing at the moment. Galahad is cute but I don't see how he can keep Warrington off him for more than 6/7 rounds.- James Oddy

If you asked me this 12 months ago or prior I wouldn’t have hesitated in picking Galahad. I have been a long time fan of Awad but Warrington has impressed me greatly with the wins over Selby and Frampton, so much so I rank him in the top three P4P in Britain. Because of that, I have to pick Warrington on points, via a close split decision. - James Lupton

Warrington has really grown as a fighter over the past couple of years. With the added confidence of a world championship belt and fighting in front of his home crowd, I can’t see the 'Leeds Warrior' losing here. Give me Warrington on points, something like 8-4 or 9-3 in rounds. - Anthony Cocks

Warrington, for me. he's been absolutely fantastic against both Selby and Frampton so I said I'd never bet against him again! He found a perfect rhythm against Frampton in boxing within "bursts" to steal rounds whilst conserving energy astutely: mind you even his more relaxed tempo is significantly relentless. Warrington by a wide decision. - Oliver McManus

Warrington is on a fantastic run of late and is arguably the best featherweight in the world. While Galahad is a tricky fighter, the superior strength and engine of Warrington will lead him to a comfortable decision win after 12. - Callum Rudge

I can't shake the feeling that this is a fight where all the cards are stacked in Warrington's favour. It's an enormous step-up for Galahad who, not all that long ago, was swatting away opposition with losing records. Technically, the Ingle fighter is sound, but he's up against one of the most in-form fighters in world boxing. What's more, he'll be going into an absolute bearpit of an atmosphere on Saturday night. I'd be very hesitant to side against Warrington even versus the big names at 126lb at the moment, so picking him over Galahad - installed as IBF mandatory for no compelling reason - is straightforward enough. I think there's even a chance Galahad wilts under the pressure and occasion for a rare stoppage for the home man, but let's say Warrington will claim a convincing decision with cards in the 116-112, 117-111 range. - Tom Craze

Final tally: Warrington 9 Galahad 0