The Big Question: Thurman vs Garcia - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
03/03/2017 10:03am

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Keith Thurman faces Danny Garcia on Saturday night in a highly anticipated welterweight unification. We canvassed opinion among the Boxing Monthly online team about which man will prevail ...

Two of the top welterweights at it in a unification bout? It doesn't get better this this. I think it's going to be a great fight. 2017 has already produced some crackers, and this seems no different. I've generally thought Thurman would nick it, but I've been watching both fighters fights a lot more lately, and I think Garcia may just have the edge. Thurman has an obvious weakness against body punches. Collazo exploited that. I'm relatively sure Garcia can too. I think the fight will go the distance, with Garcia edging it on points. Danny tends to up his game when fighting against strong opposition. - Haroon Ahmed

Garcia has a habit of winning big fights where I pick against him (Morales / Khan / Matthysse - although I did pick him against Peterson!). Having said that, his opponents and form of late hasn't thrilled me, or filled me with confidence. I think his run is coming to an end against Thurman - whom I expect to weather a couple of storms on his way to a victory which propels him into the Pacquiao stakes for late 2017. - Colin Harris

I think Keith Thurman will beat Danny Garcia. Garcia has a habit of producing his best when people least expect it but Amir Khan was reckless and Lucas Matthysse proved a little one dimensional. Thurman will be smarter than Khan and has more facets than Matthysse. Thurman is the star the 147lb division craves but was needlessly put into cold storage after his entertaining fight with Shawn Porter. I think he'll snatch this opportunity to remind people just how good he is. - John Evans

Garcia’s problem is that he doesn’t carry the same ‘get out of jail free card’ power at 147lbs as he did at 140. I do think he is an underrated boxer though, and several people have mentioned the Matthysse fight as a good example. Thurman, as nice a guy as he is, is no Floyd or Manny. Strong, honest and keen to engage, not an unsophisticated slugger, but also not complex. This is a 50/50 fight in my mind, and I’ll go with adrenaline to give Garcia the edge. - Martin Chesnutt

Since the fight was made, I’ve been very vocal to the people around me that I’m convinced Danny Garcia wins this. There isn’t much to take from his recent performances that should make me as confident as I am, but I’ll echo the sentiments of many others backing Garcia – he always finds a way to win. I think Garcia fights to the level of his opposition and will certainly raise his game for this bout - I envisage a back and forth affair and despite Thurman being the bigger puncher, I can see Garcia hurting Thurman to the body late on and holding out for a points decision victory. - Luke Byron

I'm really torn when it comes to Garcia vs Thurman as Danny's opposition has been poor in recent times and Keith's inactivity is a worry. Garcia's timing is terrific but his speed is somewhat lacking and Thurman's athleticism could cause him huge problems. Garcia hasn't really shown to be a huge puncher at welterweight and if Thurman can keep his composure I think his movement can win him the fight on points in a solid encounter. - Marcus Bellinger

Garcia and Thurman are so well matched that this one is very hard to predict. Like Jack vs DeGale at the same arena a couple of months ago, this is a fight which really matters. It's billed as the third welterweight unification between unbeaten champs and the same belts Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns unified in 1981 (of course, they were the only two around then!) Both these welterweights carry a dig but also take a good shot, so I expect a distance fight and the greater athleticism and advantage as the naturally bigger man to nudge Thurman to a competitive decision win over Garcia, whose recent competition - after a terrific run at 140lbs - has been downright poor. - Chris Williamson

I really like Keith Thurman - he's a bit of a free spirit and has got talent to burn. This is the biggest challenge of his career to date and I just wonder if Garcia's superior big fight experience might give him the slight edge. I don't think either man has the power to stop the other, but Garcia is a wily character and under-rated boxer who has often been written off and then found a way to win. I think Garcia will edge a very tight points decision victory, perhaps causing inevitable controversy. I also wouldn't discount the draw. It will be that close. Luke G. Williams

Final count: Thurman 4 Garcia 4