The Big Question: Pacquiao vs Thurman - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
18/07/2019 6:05am

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Keith Thurman and Manny Pacquiao clash in Las Vegas this Saturday in a high-profile welterweight clash. Lee Gormley, Colin Harris, Anthony Cocks, Luke G. Williams and Callum Rudge are here with their big-fight predictions...

I think Pacquiao still has enough in the tank to produce a competitive performance. Thurman looks to have lost some of his past desire for the sport. I can see it being a close decision either way but I’ll slightly lean towards the Filipino. Pacquiao by split decision. - Lee Gormley

While everything points to Thurman winning on points, I am going with Pacquiao to join the Foreman/Hopkins club and sneak a points decision. Thurman has been so inactive, and racked-up several injuries, and picked an opponent who was always going to flatter him in his comeback bout...but he brings nothing which Pacquaio hasn't seen before. I will expect Thurman to win, and I will expect my peers to be proved correct when they vote with their heads instead of their hearts, but sod it: Pacquiao W12 115-113 - Colin Harris

I'm expecting Thurman to perform better than he did against Josesito Lopez, but still come up short. Pacquiao in a close one on points. - Anthony Cocks

Unlike my three esteemed colleagues I think Thurman will win this one. He's the taller, bigger, younger man. The rounds against Lopez will have helped sharpen him up and he will have trained properly for this one. Thurman by clear points decision, with maybe one outlier scorecard. - Luke G. Williams

Manny Pacquiao seems to defy age time and again while Keith Thurman has an knack of boxing to his opposition's level. This makes for a fascinating fight in my opinion. I think the early rounds will be key and whoever starts the best the win the bout. My pick is for Thurman to start well and win a close decision. - Callum Rudge

Final tally Pacquiao 3 Thurman 2