The Big Question: Lomachenko vs Campbell - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
29/08/2019 9:57pm

Photo: James Chance/Getty Images

BM online's P4P king Vasiliy Lomachenko defends his lightweight world titles against :Luke Campbell on Saturday night. The BM team are here with their picks and predictions...

This should be another one of those fights in which Lomachenko proves exactly why he’s the best in the world. He relishes the big stage and he’ll want to put on another dazzling performance on Sky Box Office and in front of potential new fans. After a few rounds of sizing Campbell up and ripping in body shots on the bigger man, I expect Loma to end proceedings in style around the midway point. Lomachenko by seventh-round TKO. - Lee Gormley

I think Campbell has all the ability to cause Loma some issues. He’s an elite level fighter on his day and I believe how good Campbell is comes down to how well his training camp has gone for this fight. Your head will always say Lomachenko. He’s an unbelievable talent and a skill set unlike any other fighter at the moment. For me I think Lomachenko will adapt to Campbell’s reach advantage and use his exceptional movement on the inside against him, and that will be the key to him winning the fight. I’m going for Lomachenko on points. - Chris Glover

I hope Campbell plays chess and can play it very well because he must be prepared to be two even three moves ahead of his game plan because one thing you can guarantee is that Lomachenko will certainly be at least one step ahead at all times. I expect it to play out like most Lomachenko fights. Campbell to have early ‘success’ inside the first 3/4 rounds before Lomachenko goes through the gears and mesmerises everybody watching including Campbell. I have a feeling Campbell may try to rough Loma up when the Ukrainian starts stepping it up but it would only make things worse for himself. Body shots could be key for both men. Lomachenko by stoppage between rounds seven and nine. - James Lupton

I probably give Campbell more chance than most. He's a huge lightweight with smooth skills and heavy hands who really should have been a world champion already but for unusually shoddy promotion by Matchroom. Lomachenko's talents are otherworldly yet their effect is gradually diluted as he moves up in weight against naturally bigger men. I see Campbell performing above expectation early before Lomachenko rallies down the stretch to prevail on points. - Mark Butcher

I’m with Mark. I see this as a fight where Campbell does everything right but still comes up short. Campbell is coming into his own as a professional, with a great team around him, but unfortunately he’s in with a super-talent who doesn’t do off nights. I think Lomachenko wins clearly on the cards in a technical fight. - Andrew Harrison

Despite competing at something close to half a stone over his best weight, on all available evidence it appears that Lomachenko is the world’s premier 135lbs fighter, and by some distance. This is a legitimate, interesting match-up between two supremely talented Olympic gold medallists, yet one man is an overwhelming betting favourite. There’s a reason for that. Campbell is a brilliant technical boxer, but it’s difficult to see a route to victory for him here. He might look at how the Ukrainian went the distance against Pedraza - a similarly rangy fighter - for inspiration, but keeping things tight and losing on the cards would be no more than a moral victory. I see the Hull man acquitting himself well and taking this long. Lomachenko’s good enough that a late finish seems highly plausible, but let’s say Campbell’s good enough to go the 12, dropping a decision to the flashier, busier man. Lomachenko UD - Tom Craze

Campbell could well go down with the likes of Herol Graham: one of the UK's finest boxers to never win a world title... and while I would pick him over almost any other lightweight in the world, facing the the dazzling Ukrainian P4P claimant is something different. Loma is sublime, and aside from his roughed-up-and-out-weighed loss to Salido he has breezed through everything over three weights, something which will continue here with a game and competitive, tired and demoralised Campbell finally punched out of resistance by Lomachenko around the tenth. - Colin Harris

This fight is not so much a question of, 'Can Luke Campbell beat Vasiliy Lomachenko?', but more a question of, 'Can anyone?' The diminutive Ukrainian may well be one of the best fighters of our generation, so gifted athletically and razor sharp, mentally. Campbell can live with him in there - but will struggle to emerge the winner in more than a couple of rounds. I could see it finishing the championship rounds (Lomachenko 10-12), but truly hope Campbell pulls the rabbit from the hat! - Craig Scott

Given the prevailing prediction shut-out in Lomachenko's favour I'm going to play devil's advocate, for a moment or two at least, and see if I can construct a 'road map' to a Campbell victory. In a superficially physical sense, the Hull man possesses all the advantages - height, length and probably power too. Lomachenko could, and probably should, still be competing at featherweight rather than lightweight, so perhaps Campbell can out-muscle him and bully him, in the way that Orlando Salido did? Furthermore, with a talent such as Lomachenko, who everyone expects to win with ease, any deficit in performance is likely to be punished by the judges. Example - a round ends up being more or less even, with Campbell presenting Loma with some problems. Who is more likely to get the nod from the judges? The man expected to win with ease or the man performing (on his home turf) well above expectations? (Remember, Loma was level on one card and down on one when he stopped Linares and also drew on one card against Gary Russell Junior, a travesty that makes me feel that uneducated judges often miss some of Loma’s best work). Let's also factor in some other pieces of information that might aid Campbell - how about Loma's recent shoulder injury and surgery? Then there's the wear and tear of being involved in over 400 ring battles in a career stretching back to childhood. And how about his brittle hands, one of which broke last time out against Anthony Crolla in his new Venum gloves? Enough potential upset signs? Maybe. If Campbell does win, I may not be as surprised as most. However, despite all of this, my pick remains Lomachenko, on points, possibly via split decision with one ridiculous scorecard going against the Ukrainian. (I've seen odds of a Loma points win at around 5/2 which seems great value to me, with Campbell on points at 17-1 also tempting). - Luke G. Williams

Final tally: Lomachenko 9 Campbell 0