The Big Question - Joshua vs Parker - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
29/03/2018 3:20pm

On Saturday night, WBA / IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua takes on his WBO counterpart Joseph Parker in a unification clash in Cardiff. The BM online team are here with their predictions...

While I don't expect him to win, Parker will pose a few problems before being gradually bludgeoned into submission by Joshua in the mid to late rounds, probably on his feet. With legacy and lineage always a talking point with unbeaten heavyweight champions, I feel Joshua has a Hasim Rahman/Oliver McCall opponent out there. An unlikely challenger who will upset the gravy train, if only for a short time. - Mark Butcher

I think Joshua will win via late stoppage but I think he will suffer some really hairy moments along the way. Parker is tough, game, not without skill and in his athletic prime. He's also being overlooked somewhat with people focusing on the prospect of a Wilder vs Joshua showdown. Joshua is still a work in progress for me (albeit a very high level one) and as Mark said, I think an opponent somewhere will derail him, if only for a short time. I'm not sure Parker will quite do it, but there's a chance. - James Oddy

I'm going for Joshua, based on size, CV and intelligence. I genuinely believe Parker will bring the fight Joshua in the first three or four rounds, but an over eager Parker will most likely walk into a clubbing shot from AJ. If Parker and Kevin Barry 'see something,' in a similar way to Max Schmeling versus Joe Louis in their first contest, then we could be in for an upset, but every fighter to date has been unable to unlock the code to success against the Watford man and, based on Parker's performance against Hughie Fury, I can't see it happening. [N.B - Many bookies are offering 6-1 odds for Parker to win...Worth a pound bet at least?]. Josua to win sometime during rounds 4-6. - Paul Zanon

Two young, unbeaten, heavyweight champions meeting in a unification match: yet it feels like Parker is just bringing his WBO title over for Joshua to add to his collection. Despite Parker being very good, Joshua is far better and I see him winning in style around the halfway mark, with the Samoan-Kiwi either groggy on his feet or hitting the canvas for the second time (I expect the first to be a spine-tingling, from-out-of-nowhere knockdown in the first four rounds, which will electrify everyone watching, and shake Parker to his core). - Colin Harris

I have no doubt that Parker has prepared well and certainly won't be overawed by the occasion. He's here for the belts. I don't question his Samoan fighting spirit or heart and together with Kevin Barry he will believe he has the game plan to pull it off. And he'll certainly offer something different. But the Klitschko fight has given Joshua incredible self-belief and it will take a superhuman effort for Parker to prise those belts from him. I think a leaner and meaner Joshua will halt the gutsy Kiwi in the 'championship rounds'. - Luca Rosi

I can see a tense Parker lunging in after a few tentative rounds and having some success against Joshua, landing solid, yet non concussive blows. However, ultimately I think that Joshua will take his time with his own well placed punches, weather the storm thrown at him and wear down the durable Parker on the front foot, stopping him on his feet (similar to the Klitschko and Sprott fights) between rounds nine and 11. I have a slight feeling there may be no knockdowns. I then believe Joshua vs Miller and Wilder vs Whyte will be made as the final bouts for each boxer before they face one another - the final part of a plan to 'marinate' (in the famous words of Bob Arum) a world heavyweight super-fight for all four belts. - Daniel Morley

Final count: Joshua 6 Parker 0