The Big Question: Is Chris Eubank Jr the real deal?

Boxing Monthly
25/10/2015 3:35pm

Is Chris Eubank Jr the real deal? Highly respected trainer Adam Booth believes his fighter can be a great world champion while 'English' aka Chris Eubank Sr feels his son can mix it with Gennady Golovkin. Social media detractors claim Spike O'Sullivan knocks Eubank Jr spark out on 12 December. What's the truth? Is Eubank Jr a P4P hope or merely a father's hype? Boxing Monthly's online team give their verdict in this week's 'Big Question’.

I feel the hoopla surrounding the Eubank family clouds judgement on Chris Jr’s ability. If you take Chris Sr's seemingly endless shenanigans and self-promotion out of the equation - and I personally find his on camera efforts entertaining - you are left with an extremely promising fighter.

Chris Jr is fast, skilful, cold-blooded and confident. I believe him when he says he will fight absolutely anybody. The loss to Billy Joe Saunders may just end up being the best thing that could have happened to him as he now seems to realise that, although it’s possible to get away with a lackadaisical approach against a lower tier of fighter, at the top level it is the fastest way to defeat.

Spike O’Sullivan is an excellent opponent and will make Eubank fight. Should he come through that December test, I’d like to see him take on Nick Blackwell for the British title. By that point, the situation between Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin should have sorted itself out and either of those would be an excellent opponent for Eubank Jr’s introduction to the American market. 

With Adam Booth on board, the sky could be the limit for Eubank Jr. If his father can let the promoters, trainers and matchmakers do their job and restrict his input to imparting his priceless knowledge and experience of the dedication and mental strength required to be a world champion, I can see Eubank Jr going a very long way. - John Evans.

Firstly, Tony Jeter had absolutely no business being in the ring with Eubank Jr on Saturday night. He was totally out of his depth and the WBA should be ashamed that they even sanctioned the bout whilst Sky Sports need to cut out these kinds of mismatches that are utterly predictable before a punch has been thrown.

Of course, that isn't Eubank Jr's fault and he did what he had to do in ruthless fashion. He showed fast hands, power and little regard for his opponent - and the theatrics of the Eubank experience are an added bonus to the British boxing scene.

Despite what Sky tried to make viewers believe this wasn't Eubank Jr making his professional debut but a 20 fight plus pro who has lost to the best fighter he faced in Billy Joe Saunders. Bringing Adam Booth on board my be the best move the Eubanks could have made and it will be interesting to see if the talented coach can iron out Jr's faults and improve on his obvious natural talent. If Booth says he can be 'a great world champion' who am I to argue? But for his father to say he is ready to beat GGG now is ludicrous and a statement I very much doubt Booth would stand by at this moment in time.

As for Spike O'Sullivan, I'd expect Eubank Jr to deal with him when they clash in December but it is still a good match-up on paper. However, the last time I looked O'Sullivan was ranked at No.11 by the WBA so how does he warrant a 'final eliminator'? - Danny Winterbottom.

Eubank Jr is now 20-1 (15 KOs) but outside of Billy Joe Saunders and Dimitry Chudinov his record is littered with fighters who probably were making their living working in public transport. But it's the aforementioned fights that tell you everything you need to know about Jr. In the early rounds vs Saunders he looked like a novice, someone completely out of his depth but in the second half of the fight he dominated and it was Saunders’ experience and amateur pedigree that got him through. In Chudinov, Eubank found his perfect foil, a fighter with credibility but with a style made for him. Those two fights told me that even though Jr may not be ready for GGG, he's a legit talent with the ability to eventually mix with the best. Spike O'Sullivan isn't anywhere near the best so I expect Jr to deal with the Irishman inside the distance on 12 December and then move on to win at least one version of the world title. - Callum Rudge.

Eubank Jr is the real deal but not to the level that his father believes, nor is he a P4P hope at the moment.

We've now heard after Saturday embarrassing match-up that his fight with Spike O'Sullivan will be an eliminator for the WBA middleweight title [currently held by Daniel Jacobs]. So are we to assume that Eubank Jr takes this route and then moves to 168 or stays on the road to Golovkin?

Up until the second half of his fight with Billy Joe Saunders what I witnessed was theatrics, hail mary punches and raw, misplaced aggression from Eubank Jr in his prior fights. What I see now is a young man, with the ideal trainer in Adam Booth, on a well-matched path to a small slice of the middleweight cake.

I'm a fan of Junior's. From ring walk to ring talk there is a lot to enjoy. There's a nastiness that we don't see too often nowadays. He seems to have a thirst to hurt. Combined with impressive hand speed, what seems like a decent chin and a real fighting nature then you have some ingredients for a very entertaining British fighter. 

But as for Golovkin and P4P hopes... all of that and more are as far away as Brighton is from Kazakhstan (on foot). - Shaun Brown.

Is he the real deal? I think it's too soon to say, but it depends what the real deal means these days. A P4P contender? I don't think so. He's had two fights against guys posing a threat, Billy Joe Saunders and Dmitry Chudinov, and he won one of them. No shame in that, but he still seems very much a prospect, albeit a decent one at that.

His father and surname have opened doors for him, and his promoter will appreciate the attentions Eubank Jr brings to an event, but stage two of his career really starts now. Spike O'Sullivan is a good fighter and if Eubank Jr does win, going forward he'll only be involved in world level fights. So far he's 1-1 in his biggest in ring challenges. If he's the real deal, he'll need to significantly increase his big occasion win percentage. - TKO Radio.

Chris Eubank Jr possesses the natural tools to be an elite level fighter. The narrow points defeat to a more seasoned and world class Billy Joe Saunders was a wake-up call though it’s a little known fact that Eubank Jr was suffering from a stomach bug, which led him to conserve energy in the early rounds where Saunders duly outboxed him. People with opinions I greatly respect in boxing – such as Adam Booth – have long been high on the Brighton hotshot and I think the circus surrounding the Eubanks has a tendency to overshadow a phenomenal talent. He’s a world champion in waiting, but at this stage talk of beating the technically brilliant and incessant Golovkin is fanciful. But Eubank Jr could certainly pose a few questions if he’s inherited his father’s cast iron chin. Spike O’Sullivan should examine those whiskers on 12 December. - Mark Butcher.

Photo: Lawrence Lustig.