The Big Question: How much does GGG have left?

Boxing Monthly
07/06/2019 12:55pm

Photo: Ethan Miller/ Getty

As deposed middleweight king Gennady Golovkin prepares for this weekend’s showdown with Steve Rolls, members of the BM team ponder how much the 37-year-old GGG has left…

Hard to say how much GGG has left, but I'll hazard a guess and say he'll get three or four fights through his DAZN contract before he drops right off. He will get past Rolls easily enough, but I think the long amateur and pro career will start taking its toll soon enough. – Anthony Cocks

It seems as we approach fight night, much of the focus has been about GGG's link up with Johnathan Banks, as opposed to his opponent or his longevity. The last eighteen months of his career have been unusual, with the pointless bludgeoning of Vanes Martirosyan, sandwiched by 'those' fights with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Has he slowed, recently? Yeah, probably. But against lesser opponents than the fiery-haired Mexican, he'd still prove extremely effective. Steve Rolls won't offer much this weekend, although, if he does test/worry Golovkin, then maybe the writing is on the wall. – Craig Scott

Golovkin should have enough left for a last hurrah in this the final stage of his career. He showed he has that killer instinct still, albeit against lesser opposition in Martirosyan, last May. He also pushed and arguably should have beaten a prime and much younger Canelo twice, so he's still the top dog alongside his Mexican rival at middleweight. Taking on a new trainer adds another interesting narrative to the GGG story and it'll be intriguing to see how that affects the expected trilogy fight against Alvarez after he beats Rolls. - Lee Gormley

Golovkin is still good enough to beat most fighters out there. If you look at the Lemieux or Monroe fights you see a fighter with energy and purpose. The current GGG has lost a touch of speed and even more punch output. I expect him to walk through Rolls this weekend and perhaps look at super middle. A fight between him and Callum Smith is one the Liverpool man should do everything to get. - Callum Rudge

I wouldn't expect to find out how much Golovkin has left when he fights Rolls this weekend. Working with Banks might act as a resurgence or it might be a stalemate for his career. I thought Canelo won the rematch against GGG but I didn't see the defeated fighter as someone completely on the decline. He is still the second best middleweight on the planet. I'd pick him to beat Jacobs again, to wear down Saunders and to outgun someone like Charlo. Brant, Murata, Andrade etc I don't see as being his equal but at 37 Golovkin is in the final year or two of his career. We won't find out how much he has left until he fights Canelo again or a competent alternative such as Saunders or Jacobs. – Shaun Brown

I'm fairly comfortable saying the world has already seen the best it'll see from Golovkin. The decision to sign the DAZN deal was obviously, driven by the desire to round off the Canelo trilogy, but even that now feels like a fight with a predictable outcome. Opponent choices like that of Rolls - who, from the limited footage I've seen of him, has nothing whatsoever to trouble an on-form Golovkin - smack of a career in its twilight and a few last hurrahs before retirement. Barring any rapid decline since September, Golovkin is still an outstanding fighter, however, it speaks volumes that many are now calling him out, given that, for a spell earlier in the decade, few would dare even mention his name. – Tom Craze

I think we're comfortably past the prime of the Kazakh kingpin but understandably so at 37 and after such a lengthy reign at the top of the middleweight division. The brazen nature of signing with DAZN to set up a trilogy with Canelo is unsurprising but the contest ebbs increasingly into Canelo's favour with each passing day and there is a distinct feeling that the Mexican would simply beat Golovkin even more comfortably than he did the second time they met. I think, also, we've seen Golovkin become a tad over reliant on his power - a facet to his game that has been unrivalled for much of his career. Against Rolls that should be no issue as he expunge the Canadian inside the distance but when he finds himself back in with someone at the prime of their game - a la Canelo - I doubt he'll have the youthful variety to see him through. – Oliver McManus

Does GGG have a lot left? It's hard to say but I would say he does, to be honest. Why wouldn't he? Yes, he's had two hard fights with Canelo but there are strong cases he won both fights. So if it went on paper he did win both fights, would we be asking this question? Golovkin displayed a lot more movement at his public workout this week in New York City, and I feel that is one of the few things that was previously lacking from the Kazakh's arsenal. So the fact his lack of lateral movement has been addressed can only be a positive. Will, that effect his engine, however? Hard to say until we see him enter the later rounds. Personally, I feel GGG still has a good bit to give and I am looking forward to covering the show this weekend at Madison Square Garden. - Chris Glover