The Big Question: How do you see Amir Khan's comeback going?

Boxing Monthly
16/04/2018 3:02pm

Ahead of his bout against Phil Lo Greco, the Boxing Monthly online team give their thoughts on Amir Khan's comeback...

Against Lo Greco? With great ease. Long term? Too early to say. Khan needs to climb the contender list first before thinking about world honours. I fear he may have been out of the ring too long and his episode with snakes in the jungle may have damaged him psychologically for a long time... - Paul Zanon

I think Khan will get past Lo Greco (he's been picked for a specific reason) and look good in doing so, after which we'll be treated to much promotion and hyperbole. I then expect him to have another contest fairly soon against someone with a minor title, which will set him up for a big fight by the year-end... which is where I think the comeback will stall and, ultimately, he will retire. I think Khan's had his day to be honest and no matter what success he may have, I just don't think his comeback is going to end up going too well in the long-term. I really do try to like Amir, and it's become easier as he gained humility in defeat, but I feel his career could/should have been so much more than it has, and he's been his own worst enemy for most of it. Having said that, Khan has earned his money and gained a lot of respect for even taking the Canelo fight (let alone how it ended), so I think he should retire and enjoy his health and wealth once his next big loss has occurred. - Colin Harris

Like the others, I expect Khan to beat Lo Greco, the unknown here is how he is going to look. After two years out of boxing and a turbulent time out of the ring, I question how much desire he has left. Amir hasn’t been a world champion since 2012 and for me has been trying to fast track his way to a legacy by trying everything to get a Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao fight. He has shown little desire to face the Shawn Porters, Keith Thurmans or Danny Garcias of this world. I don’t think he has the desire to beat a top contender and he would be wise to make the Kell Brook fight as soon as possible. I think after Lo Greco we will get the Brook fight at 150lbs and Brook will stop Khan to end a decent career that could have been great. - Callum Rudge

It's seven years since Khan showed the best form of his career in narrowly overcoming ‘Mr Excitement’ Marcos Maidana and then part-unifying at ten stones with a convincing stoppage over Zab Judah. One might expect the heavy knockout losses to Garcia and Canelo, along with the embarrassingly public drama in his personal life, to extend the odds on climbing to the ‘world’ title summit again. However, Khan’s speed and boxing skill have led to performances which have surprised me more than once - I made a rare bet on Luis Collazo back in 2014, for example, and although the top of the BM rankings at welterweight (Thurman, Spence, Garcia, Porter, Crawford) look too much for this version of Khan, he might be capable of competing with the lower half and perhaps form an attractive challenger for the winner of the upcoming clash between Lucas Matthysse and Manny Pacquiao. - Chris Williamson

Khan will beat Lo Greco and look ok doing it, but his lack of activity has made him something of an irrelevance. It's easy to forget he was on a solid little run prior to losing to Canelo, but that momentum has long gone. I expect him to only have a couple more fights after this one. Perhaps the over cooked Brook fight or a Pacquiao fight. Khan was great at times, but his obsession with the Mayweather fight really ended up costing him. - James Oddy

On paper this is a huge mismatch. During Khan's absence Lo Greco has lost to Joseph Elegele over ten rounds, beat Jesus Gurrola in an eight rounder and started a series called 'Culinary Fighter' on YouTube. Khan is levels above the Canadian. From the jab, to the movement, to the hand speed, Lo Greco is out of his depth in many departments. This has first half stoppage written all over it. The two-year gap, the personal problems, overcoming injuries and his increased celebrity status should not give Lo Greco any advantage whatsoever. He hasn't stopped anyone in six years and hasn't fought anyone of Khan's level in three years. This is a confidence booster and Khan can't afford anything other than an impressive win. I think he will feel himself into the fight and Lo Greco will try and put it on him but it won't take long for Khan to establish his superiority and win convincingly. Khan's renowned hand speed will be a decisive factor and will likely see the referee jumping in during a sustained combination while Lo Greco is on the ropes. - Shaun Brown

No offence to Lo Greco, but it’s Khan I wonder about. Which Khan shows up on Saturday? Khan, when trained by Freddie Roach, was aggressive and all action, momentarily snapping Marcos Maidana in half. Khan, during the Virgil Hunter years, reverted to a point scoring Olympic-style approach, utilising hand speed, keeping out of harm's way and winning four consecutive 12-round decisions prior to the unwise move to 160lbs vs meathead Canelo. Has almost two years out of the ring done the 31-year-old any good? We’ll see. Sky will want him to succeed, but there’s little margin for error in any Khan fight at this stage. - Martin Chesnutt