The Big Question: Groves vs Eubank Jr - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
15/02/2018 2:05pm

George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr clash in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final on Saturday night. We asked our online team which man they think will prevail in this enticing contest...

I'm sticking with Groves by points or late stoppage. He's now the underdog on most polls by about 35/65, but I feel he'll be too big for Eubank Jr. Also, Eubank doesn't posses one-punch power. Lastly, Eubank isn't that light on his feet. When Eubank won his last fight, against Avni Yildirim, it was against a plodder who walked into shots - I can't see Groves doing that. When he fought Fedor Chudinov, he played a careful game against a harder puncher than Eubank. I see him doing the same here. Also - when Groves beat Murray (another middleweight out of his natural division), Groves just looked too much on all fronts. Size and power being key factors. If Eubank wins early, it will be because of Groves getting involved in a dogfight and leaving himself open. If Groves stands in front of Eubank all night covering up, then Eubank wins on points easily. I just don't see it happening. Finally - (as the acting defence lawyer for Groves in this debate), in terms of his CV, Groves has been in with far better opposition. Either way - it's a mouth watering fight to add to an already boxing blockbuster start to 2018. - Paul Zanon

I'm surprised how many have gone for Eubank Jr. He's an exciting fighter to watch but I think Groves has the size and skill advantage. If he establishes that ramrod jab then his footwork can keep him away from the punishing combination punching of Eubank. - James Oddy

I can see this one is going to be split down the middle, and so it should be. In this match-up we have two of the UK’s best taking on each other at a time when both are in excellent form and probably at the peak of their powers. Groves is definitely the bigger of the two and has an edge in power but I think it might be Eubank’s superior engine that swings the fight his way. My pick is for Eubank Jr to jump on Groves early and outwork the Hammersmith man for a clear decision win. - Callum Rudge

Might be a case of heart over head, but give me Groves. He has the experience and ring generalship to survive Eubank Jr's early surges and should be able to take control in the back half of the fight. - Anthony Cocks

Whilst I freely admit to have underestimated Eubank Jr's ceiling I'm still quite surprised at how many are picking him so confidently. Like Jorge Linares, Groves has shown himself to be vulnerable but he's the bigger man, possesses far more experience at the highest level and is a genuine puncher. I think the key for Groves to win this is to keep it long and land straight shots to counter Eubank Jr's wide punches. Many forget that Eubank Jr was rocked early on by Spike O'Sullivan so up in weight against a fighter with power we should really see his chin tested. I expect this to be a highly entertaining contest but I'm going with the experienced Groves to prevail via late stoppage. - Marcus Bellinger

Put all the data into a computer and you'll probably get Groves winning by TKO in the 8th. He's the bigger man, punches harder and has mixed it at a higher level. He even knocked down the man with the granite chin, Carl Froch. But how much have those brutal fights, particularly against Froch, taken out of Groves? It's all about timing and this fight may well have come at the right time for Eubank Jr. - Luca Rosi

There are two schools of thought when dissecting the Groves vs Eubank Jr match-up: either the more experienced, more proven veteran schools his still largely untested opponent, or youth and raw athleticism have their way. Only 18 months separate the age of the two combatants, but Groves is much older in boxing years. The 60+ rounds he spent against the likes of James DeGale, Glen Johnson, Carl Froch, Badou Jack and Martin Murray developed a wealth of experience that money can't buy. For Eubank, who inherited fabulous genes from a boxing-rich family, this is his chance to provide answers to the questions that remain. My hunch is that youth will have its way. Speed kills. Eubank Jr will win by close decision. - Michael Montero

I picked Groves to win the tournament from the outset and I'm not expecting Eubank Jr to upset my prediction. A lot has been made of what Eubank Jr did to Yildirim last October. Now, the way he handled being the away fighter in quite a hostile environment was impressive and reminiscent of what his father did when he fought Graciano Rocchigiani 24 years ago. However, while I and others saw Yildirim as a dark horse of the tourney the Turk was more like a horse who fell at the first fence in the Grand National. What Eubank Jr did was destructive and eye catching but what did he beat? This is a significant step-up and his biggest test in four years - a period and number of fights that has seen Eubank dictate, overwhelm and do as he should when a heavy favourite. Groves with THAT jab, natural size, power and experience has all the tools and more to beat his compatriot. He is going back to a venue that was the scene of one of his greatest performances - against Carl Froch - but, ultimately, one of his toughest losses. If Groves moves around the ring, stays off the ropes, weathers the Eubank onslaughts and dictates matters with his jab and counter punching then I see nothing but a Groves points win. The key is how Groves wants to fight. Going toe-to-toe will be exactly what Eubank Jr wants. Eubank Jr doesn't have a plan B or C in my opinion. It's hell for leather, grind the opponent down and throw in some showboating. Groves is by far the more talented and intelligent fighter. Groves on points but he has to be smart. - Shaun Brown

I'm picking Eubank Jr: I think Groves has peaked, while Eubank Jr is about to enter the real prime of his career. I disagree with Groves being a world champion, as it was a vacant 'super' title fight when the world title was already doing a fine job - but to be fair he put in a great performance against Chudinov. The only thing is, I think Chudinov was/is done and the defence against Jamie Cox was easy. Something just tells me that after all Groves did to get to his world title, he found the summit. The wolf climbing the hill is always hungrier than the wolf on top. Eubank Jr on a close points decision. - Colin Harris

A fiendish fight to call. Groves has the significant edge in size and a vast amount more big fight experience. When I interviewed Eubank Jr for January's Boxing Monthly magazine I was surprised about how open he was about the fact he doesn't regard himself as a genuine super middleweight. On paper, Groves should be able to use these advantages to good effect and box his way to a points win, however the west London man has often come up short on the very biggest occasions and I think he may get caught up in the heat of battle and the occasion and allow Eubank Jr to edge a points decision or force a late stoppage, after Groves has calmly won the first few rounds on the cards. - Luke G. Williams

Final count: Groves 5 Eubank Jr 5