The Big Question: Golovkin vs Jacobs - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
17/03/2017 8:17pm

Gennady Golovkin faces Daniel Jacobs on Saturday night in an eagerly awaited middleweight championship showdown between Boxing Monthly's top two boxers in the division. We canvassed opinion among our online team about which man will prevail ...

Jacobs provides a good test for GGG, but I don't see him finishing the fight. Ever since winning the (WBA regular) title against Jarrod Fletcher, he's fought a low-ranked Caleb Truax, Sergio Mora (twice) and Peter Quillin. The win against Quillin tells us Jacobs has power, but the length of the fight told us little else at world level. Against (a below mediocre) Mora, Jacobs was floored. Although he rallied back and won in that first fight, the chances are, if he gets hit by GGG, he'll stay hit and most likely stay down. GGG wins between rounds five and eight. - Paul Zanon

I can’t see anything aside from a GGG win. He can be defensively responsible when he has to be, such as against David Lemieux. For anyone who claims Golovkin can't box, watch that fight again - he jabbed Lemieux’s head off before unleashing the big shots when the time was right. Jacobs can bang but he has also shown an ability to be caught clean and dropped, not a good sign when facing Golovkin. I expect Golovkin to start cautiously, working behind the jab, before opening up in the second half of the fight and stopping Jacobs. Perhaps Jacobs will catch him early, like he did Quillin, but I doubt it. - James Oddy

"Who wins?" (one-word answer): Golovkin! If you are adding "And how?": Top-class middleweight fight which rids the world of another fragmented-WBA title (don't get me started on Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam's various reigns as an interim holder). Jacobs deserves the chance as he is a genuine number two or three in the division. Having said that, Golovkin will withstand the Miracle Man's bombs and knock him to the canvas at approximately the halfway mark. - Colin Harris

The great thing about this match-up is that both men will be facing their best opponent as a pro. Jacobs is younger, taller, longer and faster. Golovkin is more experienced, well-rounded, powerful and most importantly, active. I believe the bout will start slowly, with both men fighting tactically. Jacobs may likely win a couple early rounds, but GGG’s constant pressure begins to wear him down before ultimately stopping him. TKO9 for Golovkin. - Michael Montero

Golovkin is a 1-to-8 favourite in the betting, and so it would take a brave soul to pick against him. Did the Brook fight indicate he was slipping as he approaches 35? I think his explanation – that he merely walked through the British welterweight – is more accurate. Jacobs, though, can score a moral victory here. With Golovkin likely to box less recklessly in light of Danny's power, I'll take the New Yorker to bravely last the distance and end that phenomenal knockout streak. - Andrew Harrison

GGG is coming very near to clearing out his division, he now has three of the four sanctioning bodies belts and, if you believe the rumours, is putting things in place to collect the fourth against Billy Joe Saunders. This fight, while it may not give him another belt, matches him with probably the most dangerous proper middleweight out there. Jacobs is young, fast, can bang and is in the ascendancy since stopping former undefeated WBO titlist Quillin in one round in December 2015. The problem with Jacobs is he can't hold a shot, whether it's against Dmitry Pirog or Sergio Mora, Daniel has a habit of tasting the canvas and pound for pound there aren't many harder punchers than GGG. While I'd love to see Golovkin finally get a test, I think he walks down Jacobs and stops him around round six. - Callum Rudge

In a shallow pool that is the current middleweight landscape this is as good a match-up as we could ask for but the fact it is PPV in the US is a sad indictment of the state of HBO. Jacobs brings two intriguing intangibles to the table with his speed and power but the fact he was dropped by the light-hitting Sergio Mora raises serious questions about his durability. I expect a cagey opening with both men respecting each other's power but Jacob's fragility will lead to him being taken out between rounds four and six with the GGG juggernaut continuing to rumble along. - Marcus Bellinger

This could be GGG's biggest test to date. Jacobs can bang and can box too and Golovkin looked unusually sloppy and vulnerable against Kell Brook. Are we ripe for an upset then? I don't think so. GGG has a fantastic chin and his relentless style will gradually break Jacob's resistance sometime before round ten, although the American may land some clean shots along the way which make it interesting. - Luke G. Williams

Final count: Golovkin 8 Jacobs 0