The Big Question: Canelo vs GGG 2 - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
14/09/2018 8:26am

After their controversial draw last year, Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin meet again in Las Vegas this Saturday in an eagerly awaited rematch. The BM team are here with their picks and predictions... 

I'm going Golovkin. I think Canelo will want to prove a point and at some point try to take GGG out... which will be perfect for the Kazakh. I also believe GGG has the mental advantage with the whole drugs scandal. I'm going GGG via a late stoppage or convincing points victory. - Paul Zanon

I reckon Golovkin will have the bit between his teeth and make 'Cinnamon' pay for the failed drugs test. The pressure and media spotlight might just get to the Mexican. I'm going for an early stoppage for the Karaganda (love that name) born punching machine. A last hurrah and, maybe, a fitting end to a fabulous career. - Luca Rosi

I can see Canelo nicking a unanimous decision. I've thought for a while, despite having him 'winning' the opener, that Golovkin has been slowing down and becoming increasingly reliant on pure, forward-pressure. Canelo seems talented enough to work on the back-foot and pick him off, I think this time he makes sure of the win with a higher punch output. - Craig Scott

Golovkin is fired up, pissed off and has a point to prove, which spells even more danger for Canelo. By the time the first bell sounds Alvarez will have been inactive for a year, while GGG was able to rediscover his killer instinct with a quick-fire knockout of Vanes Martirosyan. The Mexican had surgery this year and has been seen wearing a protective strap at times throughout his camp. This may just be a precaution but it's an injury that could come back to hinder him in a tough fight. Also, whatever was in Canelo's system before the failed drugs test, whether it was intentional or not, is now gone. Make of that what you will. He looks evidently leaner than he was for the first bout and has outlined intentions of trying to take Golovkin out, which could ultimately play into the latter's hands. Barring another shambles with the scores, I'm backing Golovkin to get the decision after 12 highly entertaining rounds to gain his redemption. After that, trilogy fight anyone? - Lee Gormley

The first fight was intriguing and close on my card. While the Canelo PED controversy has taken some of the buzz away from the rematch, it’s still two elite fighters testing their skills at the (near) peak of their powers. Golovkin will probably start favourite and in his mind he won the first fight clearly. Canelo, on the other hand, has it all to prove - a: that he’s not a cheat and b: that he can hang with GGG all over again. Canelo looks lighter in the build-up and I imagine his plan is to box and move this time around. He did that to an extent last September but can he do it again but sustain the pace? I think he can, my pick is for the younger man, namely Canelo, to use his extra  motivation to win a unanimous decision, in the 115-113 range. - Callum Rudge

As much as I'd like to see GGG win it this time, something just tells me that Canelo will get by on a close but unanimous points decision, perhaps 115-113 or 116-112. I think the younger man will have slightly less respect for GGG's big punches this time around, commit himself more, and box clever. - Colin Harris

I'm picking Golovkin by 11th-round stoppage. A lot has been made about GGG getting older but more question marks hang over Canelo's head. Golovkin is going to carry so much disdain for his opponent and I think it will serve him well. I think he'll do a better job judging Canelo's elusiveness and, although he will get countered at times, I believe GGG will break the Mexican down. This time his power will show. - Shaun Brown

I'm expecting another debatable decision. Either in Golovkin's favour to over-compensate for the draw in the first fight (which GGG appeared to win) or one that leans towards cash cow Canelo. The house always wins in Vegas. With a bit more belief and ambition, I favour Canelo on points. Another draw? Entirely possible. - Mark Butcher

My heart says GGG by a country mile. My head says the same but only by an inch or two at most. All but the most ardent Mexican fight fans must be behind the Kazakh in this one, following the PED scandal. There are pros and cons screaming from every corner. The question persists as to whether GGG still has enough left in the tank. However, this can be counterbalanced by the question of just how much impact Canelo's taste for Mexican beefsteak with extra 'jus' has had on his recent performances. Will it be the same Canelo or will he be Popeye without his spinach? Will GGG have enough left to go to the well one last time? I don’t know but it will be fun finding out. Golovkin by narrow but unanimous decision. Although, don't rule out a draw and a third money spinner! - Garry White

Having just re-read the 'Aftermath' feature we produced for BM online one year ago I was reminded that I scored the first fight a draw and plumped for Canelo should they rematch. Of course, the rematch was then anticipated for the summer and clenbuterol was some way down the list when fight fans considered the ingredients of Mexican cuisine. I suspect the media and public outrage will - consciously or otherwise - direct the Las Vegas judges into scoring a close fight to Golovkin, in a similar way that the close Holyfield vs Lewis rematch was scored for the Briton following a perceived injustice first time around, albeit in different circumstances. Canelo impressed me in the first match with a number of improvements to his game, notably his footwork and clever defence. But Golovkin has surely got one more big performance in him to win a tight decision and deliver a fitting conclusion to his middleweight career. - Chris Williamson

Although I'm a big admirer of Golovkin, I think his time and peak has passed. A year ago he looked the more fatigued man late on in ceding the final two rounds to Canelo and letting the fight slip away (although I had him the winner by two points if memory serves). Similarly, against Danny Jacobs, GGG didn't look comfortable going the full 12 rounds. If Canelo can up his punch volume and activity rate I think he can edge a decision, particularly given the fact that he has form in being given the benefit of the doubt in Vegas. (Hell, one judge even gave him a draw against Mayweather!) - Luke G. Williams

I see another 12-round distance fight and I see Gennady Golovkin winning a unanimous decision. - Michael Montero

I went for Canelo to win the rematch prior to the fight’s postponement but then the drug-test issue cast a doubt. Tentatively, I’ll stick with Canelo — but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt over the clenbuterol situation. If nothing else, the rematch is likely to be revealing.- Graham Houston

Final tally: Golovkin 7 Canelo 6