The Big Question: Broner vs Garcia - who wins?

Boxing Monthly
26/07/2017 10:47am

Adrien Broner faces Mikey Garcia on Saturday night in an intriguing 140lbs showdown that will go a long way to determining the future trajectory of both men's careers. We canvassed opinion among the Boxing Monthly online team about which pugilist will prevail...

I see no conceivable way Broner beats Garcia - his last really good performance was against Antonio DeMarco which was way back in 2012 and since then Broner's career has been blighted by out of the ring dramas and failures on the scales. For all his flaws Broner has demonstrated a decent chin and resilience and, of course, Garcia is moving up in weight. Garcia thrives on fighters coming to him and, after feeling the power early on, I predict Broner will cover up and go in to his shell, leading to a dull encounter which Garcia wins via a wide and unanimous decision. - Marcus Bellinger

When Mikey Garcia came back and very quickly won the WBC lightweight title, the potential fight everyone looked at was vs Jorge Linares. While that would've been a great spectacle, the fight that was instead made - Garcia vs Broner - is even better. My first thoughts when this fight was announced was that Garcia would walk through Broner and, while that's very possible, it's important to remember that Broner has only ever lost at welterweight and to big welterweights too. Garcia is the one coming up from lightweight to face Broner at arguably his best weight. Broner also looks to be taking this seriously so it has become a fascinating fight. Garcia is an elite talent and without his recent two-year break he'd be a top five pound for pound player, while Broner has something of the Zab Judah about him - a quality talent who crumbles when the going gets tough. Despite this I'm finding it really hard to pick a winner with 100 per cent confidence - I can see scenarios where both could win but I'm going to stick with my initial pick and that's Garcia by unanimous decision after a fun fight where both have their moments. - Callum Rudge

No matter what the outcome, this will be a fantastic fight. Although I see Garcia coming away with the victory this is by no means an easy night's work. Broner is arguably the best opponent Garcia has ever faced, as well as a four-weight world titlist that has shown he has a solid chin. His only defeats have come by unanimous decision against Maidana and Porter - both these fighters were heavy handed and I think presented more danger in terms of being knocked out than Garcia does. Broner has a superb skill set and I believe he will have some success early in the fight as Garcia comes out looking to make a statement. However once Garcia begins to lands flush I can see Broner retreating and the fight turning one sided after the about the sixth round. Garcia will go on to mega fights with a win whilst a defeat for Broner could see him come to be regarded as an elite level gate keeper. - Jack Laidler

I don't see any result other than a crunching Garcia victory.  It's such a shame Garcia had that hiatus as it really hurt his progress, especially at a time when he was in his peak years, but he is still a three-weight world champion, unbeaten, and fast approaching the top of the P4P lists.  Some lightweight unifications would be good, but it seems most natural that after brushing Broner aside he'll square off with Crawford for all four belts in an epic 140lbs showdown. As for this fight, even with Broner taking it seriously, I think Garcia becomes the first man to stop 'The Problem' while making the career-leap to true top-flight. Garcia KO in 6. - Colin Harris

I'm always baffled why Garcia isn't spoken about in more glowing terms. He's a superb fighter and a superb boxer. The Zlaticanin win, or rather the manner of it, highlighted that he hasn't lost much due to that two-and-a-half year absence from the sport. Broner seems to be talking a good game and suddenly seems to have an air of maturity, but I don't see how he can win. I expect it to be an exciting, action-packed fight with Broner suffering his first stoppage loss, late on. - James Oddy

Final count: Garcia 5 Broner 0