The Big Question: What was your highlight and lowlight of Rio 2016?

Boxing Monthly
27/08/2016 7:55am

With Rio's colourful and controversial boxing tournament still fresh in our minds, we asked the Boxing Monthly online team what was their boxing highlight and lowlight of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Highlight: The Colombian flyweight Yurberjen Martinez who plans to buy his mum and dad a house with the $60,000 government prize money from winning light flyweight silver. He kept his hobby hidden from them because he thought they wouldn't approve. Reading that on BoxingScene made me smile.
Lowlight: Seeing the Russian boxing team, the protectors of the last threads of respect for Russian athletes at Rio, being dragged into murky (and equally vague) allegations of corruption. They had been the only portion of Team Russia to avoid shame and scandal until that point. It wasn't pretty seeing some hard working competitors be ridiculed for matters they have no control over. - Daniel Armstrong

Highlight: I think the fact female boxing has been so quickly accepted In the Olympics is a positive. Plus, the continued success of my hometown girl Nicola Adams.
Lowlight: I'm sure it'll be a common response but the judging at times was either incompetent or corrupt. Imagine working towards something for four years then being robbed in the blink of an eye. - James Oddy

Highlight: Apart from my betting exploits (which were tremendous!) my highlight was definitely Robson Conceição legitimately capturing gold and giving the home crowd something to savour. Having been robbed in last year's world championships semi at the hands of Albert Selimov I was so pleased for Conceição and, if he turns professional, I hope he is the figurehead to really get professional boxing going in Brazil.
Lowpoint: The low was most certainly the judging which left a tainted feeling to many of the bouts and some of the medallists and also the finals being spread over more than two days was ridiculous - I hope this is reversed for Tokyo. - Marcus Bellinger

Highlight: Seeing the professionals all get beaten - especially before the medal stages! (I thought it was a stupid, stupid decision at the time to admit them, and still do, and always will.......... they should not be there).
Lowlight: Awful judging with no chance to appeal. As impassioned as Steve Bunce's rant was - Michael Conlan was robbed (as was Vassiliy Levit) and it left a sour taste. - Colin Harris

Highlight: Nicola Adams retaining the gold medal was great to see and she did so with not only such style but also with a grit that belies her chirpy exterior.
Lowlight: While it's hard to look past the scoring, I have to say I'm disappointed in Team GB's overall performance in this boxing competition. While expectations weren't sky high, I feel we could've done better than the 3 medals (1 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x bronze) that we ended up with. - Callum Rudge

Highlight: The grace displayed by super heavyweight silver medalist Joe Joyce when accepting a poor decision in the final bout of the games echoed the reaction of future greats Evander Holyfield in 1984 and Roy Jones in 1988 when faced with their own Olympic injustices. Let's hope the artistic Londoner can build on the positive experiences he's gained and embark on a successful career in the paid ranks.
Lowlight: AIBA. Following the ridiculous decision to eschew the rich history of the Olympics as the pinnacle of amateur-only boxing, some of the judging was poor enough to suggest something more sinister than mere incompetence. One victim of a controversial decision, Belfast bantamweight Michael Conlan, was castigated by the President of AIBA for "humiliating" judges. I doubt those judges needed Michael Conlan, or anyone else, to do that. - Chris Williamson

Highlight: Claressa Shields taking her second gold was the boxing story of the Rio Olympics for me. It will be interesting to see if and how the American promoters will go after her now.
Lowlight: The lowpoint was undoubtedly the Michael Conlan robbery. Not only did that decision crush the young man's dreams, but it robbed boxing fans of what should have been an entertaining match between him and 19-year-old American Shakur Stevenson in the semi-final round. - Michael Montero

Highlight: Nicola Adams and Claressa Shields bringing some much deserved attention to women's boxing with their fantastic displays. Despite the controversies, the return to 'traditional' rather than 'computer' scoring was also welcome, as was the removal of headguards, which enables audiences to further identify with the competitors.
Lowlight: Here in the UK I wasn't terribly impressed with the extent of the television coverage - I know the BBC offer streaming of individual sports online but they seemed to pretty much ignore the early rounds of the boxing on their main channels. I understand the US coverage on NBC was even worse. - Luke G. Williams