The Big Question: Which super flys will triumph?

Boxing Monthly
08/09/2017 6:10am

With a triple bill of super flyweight fights approaching this Saturday night in Carson, California, Marcus Bellinger, Colin Harris and Luke G. Williams make their predictions for who will triumph...

I fully expect Naoya Inoue to prevail against Antonio Nieves by spectacular stoppage within six rounds and leave a great impression on those who haven't seen him before.

Juan Francisco Estrada vs Carlos Cuadras is a real toss-up bout and I'd be shocked if it wasn't a close decision either way. Estrada has somewhat faded in to obscurity since defeating Brian Viloria in 2013 so it will be interesting to see how he looks when stepping back up in class. Cuadras I thought was rather fortunate to get a decision over David Carmona last time out and I'm picking Estrada to prevail on points in a really tight contest.

As for Gonzalez vs Srisaket I'm going for Gonzalez via a close but unanimous decision. Srisaket's game plan won't change and I expect another gruelling tough bout. Gonzalez is now with Sendai Tanaka in the Teiken Gym which I think will make a big difference and I think his camp and preparation will have been much improved this time. - Marcus Bellinger

I see Gonzalez beating Srisaket on a close-but-unanimous points decision, Inoue stopping Nieves in the final quarter of the contest, and Estrada eking out a disputed, and most likely split, decision over Cuadras. - Colin Harris

For the reasons explained in my preview here, I'm going for Gonzalez, Cuadras and Inoue. As the next stage in the super flyweight division's current red-hot streak I'd then love to see Gonzalez square off against Inoue while Cuadras and Srisaket finally rematch one another, something that should have happened in 2014 after the Mexican's inconclusive technical decision victory over the Thai. - Luke G. Williams