The Big Question: Crawford vs Khan: who wins?

Boxing Monthly
18/04/2019 9:43pm

Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Amir Khan challenges Terence Crawford for the WBO welterweight title on Saturday night. The BM team make their predictions...

After Errol Spence Jr faced a backlash for not stopping the much smaller Mikey Garcia, I'm expecting a strong statement in the division from Crawford in this fight. Khan may have some success in the opening couple of rounds with his renowned hand speed but I can see 'Bud' getting to him quickly enough. Crawford is one of the most clinical finishers in the sport, so once he gets Khan hurt it will only be a matter of time before the end. The American will get the job done in style in the mid rounds for me. Crawford by sixth-round TKO. - Lee Gormley

Khan will have his moments early on, start getting touched up in the middle rounds, and be stopped by Crawford late.
Bud TKO10. - Michael Montero

Crawford can be a slow starter while Khan will likely hit the ground running. Expect the fight to be even after six before Crawford pulls away down the stretch, winning by unanimous decision or possible late stoppage. - Anthony Cocks

Timing is everything and I feel that that is the key in this fight. Amir Khan is a great fighter and his speed will trouble Crawford. Crawford however, is a special fighter and when he adjusts and makes Khan constantly reset due to his awkward style, I feel his precision and timing will be the factors on both the front and back foot. That will lead to a points victory for Crawford. - Chris Glover

I think Khan will start strongly, and remind us all why he was such an exciting talent for so long. It'll be flashy offensive work but Crawford won't look troubled and then will start to land his own hurtful shots from round four onwards. Crawford is spiteful in the ring and I can see him securing a late stoppage. - James Oddy

The issue with Amir Khan seems to be his loss of focus or broken attention span during his biggest contests. Those momentary dalliances with bravery have cost him, as he has become arguably more known for his stunning defeats than his excellent victories. I'd expect Khan to make it interesting early, darting in-and-out of range, scoring with machine-gun punches. The Bolton man's problem seems to be escaping or sustaining the return fire. Crawford will weather the storm, solve the puzzle and stop Khan before the ninth round. (I hope I'm wrong, I would like to see Khan do the business). - Craig Scott

Crawford will be the second truly elite opponent that Khan has faced. Against the first, Canelo – in a bout that is somehow already three years ago – Khan did enough to take some of the first five rounds with his trademark speed and darting raids. Reading the team’s picks here, the general consensus seems to be that this fight will follow a similar pattern: flashy combinations and early spells of success before the better boxer forces a stoppage. That seems a logical enough scenario, but the problem is this: it’s not 2016 anymore. Khan was caught early last time out against Samuel Vargas and, while that was really no more than a flash knockdown in what was supposed to be a formality of a tune-up, you’d be hard pushed to imagine someone as clinically efficient as Crawford letting him off the hook in the same way. Crawford’s footwork, too, is superior to Canelo’s, and I just can’t see Khan being given the same room to work with in this one. There will be moments in which Khan looks spectacular, because there always are, but his tightrope act feels even more precarious here. Crawford is a master of subtle movements, accurate counters, and he’ll find the openings he needs. He might not need too many. Crawford TKO5. - Tom Craze

When Khan came back we got the usual spiel about being active, fighting regularly, working back into title contention (etc etc)... but it all seemed to stop before it got started. I think he may have lost his title chance if he'd faced a top contender, so perhaps the title shot was the best way to go, however it's not a title shot I think he has much chance of winning. Crawford may only be a year younger, but he is an on-fire P4P claimant and will be up for this one to make a statement to his rival 147lbs champions. After a fast and flashy start for Khan, Crawford gets into gear and gradually pounds him down towards a stoppage in 9th or 10th. If Khan hears the final bell, then there's a moral victory and another payday in the future for him. If Crawford does stop him, perhaps Khan will hang them up - in a career that while successful, will actually be sadly unfulfilled potential. - Colin Harris

I'll keep this just like the fight, brief. Khan looked truly awful against Vargas and really should have retired after that and whilst Crawford is content to take a few rounds to figure out his opponents he'll get rid of Khan in round four in spectacular style. - Marcus Bellinger

Like everyone else I cannot see a way for Amir Khan to win this one. I wonder if away from the camera and in moments of quiet reflection whether he can either. The Khan that stuttered and was dropped against Samuel Vargas back in September has no chance. He already, strangely, feels linked to boxing's past rather than its future. Similar to what we saw against ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, I expect the challenger to be bright and breezy in the opening rounds. Dare to dream stuff; until the tank begins to empty, the legs tire and Crawford finds the range on a less elusive target. With only one meaningful contest in nearly three years it remains to be seen whether the Bolton man can battle through adversity and go to the well one final time. Despite the bad nights, of which the 30-second annihilation against Breidis 'John - Two Jags' Prescott was among the cruellest, Khan has shown plenty of guts and character throughout his career. At 32, with another huge payday banked and in all likelihood another debilitating defeat recorded (the fourth in 11 appearances) this should really be the last we see of Khan. His career has been solid, decent; the stuff of dreams for many. But there was a time when we all felt he was capable of even more. He deserves to take his leave on his feet. But he won’t. Crawford to advance to 35-0 around the round 7-8 mark. - Garry White

Final tally: Crawford 10 Khan 0