The Big Question: Who do you want Anthony Joshua to fight next?

Boxing Monthly
12/05/2017 2:35pm

It looks like a Wladimir Klitschko rematch or a Kubrat Pulev mandatory defence will be next for heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua, but who do the Boxing Monthly online team want to see him lock horns with in his next bout?

I'd like to see him fight Deontay Wilder. Without Tyson Fury on the scene, Wilder is the most dangerous heavyweight for AJ to take on. Although rather reckless, Wilder does possess immense knockout power and is slightly taller than AJ. Most importantly, it's one step closer to unifying all the belts. In the ideal world, he beats Wilder and Joseph Parker, claims all the titles and, in the meantime, Fury gets back to peak fitness, wins a tune-up fight impressively and paves the way for a big showdown with AJ. - Paul Zanon

I'm with Paul in wanting to see Joshua fight Wilder in a classic Britain vs USA clash. They're the top two in BM's world rankings and leaving to one side the fact that the scheduled Povetkin fight was cancelled through no fault of his own, it's high time for the American to legitimise a reign which has thus far been absurdly soft. Wilder is known over here after poleaxing Audley Harrison and displaying his likeable and flamboyant charisma on the sporting networks. As a huge hitter with an often unorthodox technique, it'd surely make for an exciting bout which I'd be very confident Joshua would win in style. - Chris Williamson

Should Klitschko decide against a rematch, I would love to see AJ fight Luis Ortiz, or one of the other titlists (Deontay Wilder, Joseph Parker). If Fury can pull himself together, a Joshua vs Fury bout would be massive. - Michael Montero

I'd love to see Wilder against Joshua. Wilder is untested in many regards, and can look crude and wild. But you can't deny the power in his fists. It'd be an explosive fight whilst it lasted. - James Oddy

Fres Oquendo. The world's leading heavyweights have been swerving 'The Big O' for three years. But Oquendo has been in the gym simmering, biding his time, waiting to explode. Make no mistake, Oquendo's fight for the vacant WBA Regular title against Shannon Briggs on 3 June is for the real heavyweight championship. Joshua will not be regarded as the WBA's true heavyweight champion until he defeats the Oquendo-Briggs winner. He'll be a paper champ and should be stripped of his WBA Super title within 30 days. Don't be fooled by Joshua's heavyweight classic against Wladimir Klitschko. Wlad ducked Fres for years...That's me applying WBA logic - back in reality, either Kubrat Pulev or Luis Ortiz are valid opponents and clear up mandatory problems for Joshua thus keeping those titles unified...for now. - Mark Butcher

I'd be more than happy to see a Klitschko rematch but if Wlad chooses not to enforce that clause then Pulev or Ortiz would be fine. With the UKAD hearing going on at time of writing and Fury's long ring absence I think that fight is unrealistic. Meanwhile a bout against, in my opinion, the worst world champion in the whole of the sport in Wilder has no appeal to me at all. - Marcus Bellinger

Rematch!!!.... No I'm not talking about Paul Butlin. Of course I'm talking about Wladimir Klitschko. The fight at Wembley was deemed by some to be an instant classic and while I like to apply the Hall of Fame rule (wait 5 years) before ruling anything a classic, I think it's safe to say that fight will stand the test of time. There seems to be a school of thought that Wlad's time has passed and now is the time for Joshua to take on the other young guns of the division (Parker, Wilder, ahem.. Ortiz). My response would be: who of them would you pick against Wlad right now? Couple that with Wlad's excellent showing in the first fight and it's a no brainer for me. At 41 there is a chance, of course, that Wladimir will decide enough is enough and hang up his gloves, should that happen I would like to see Joshua take care of his mandatory obligations with Pulev before moving on to unify the division. - Callum Rudge

In an ideal world I’d like to see AJ climb into the ring with a fighting fit Tyson Fury. But as the big fella needs a bit of time to get back into prime condition we’ll have to put that tasty match-up into the pugilistic oven and leave it to bubble tantalisingly in the background, seasoning it occasionally with a sprinkling of Tyson trash talk, while AJ keeps busy. While Tyson sheds the pounds and sorts out his spot of local difficulty with UKAD I’d happily watch another set-to between AJ and Klitschko but that, of course, depends on whether Wlad fancies a bit of seconds or opts instead to go the pipe and slippers route and retire. If Dr Steelhammer does call it a day then bring on Deontay Wilder. While Tyson is away let’s cut through the alphabet BS, unify all the belts and find out who really is 'The Man'. - Gary Lucken

The heavyweight division now revolves around the comings-and-going of Anthony Joshua, but he has almost too many options: both his titles will need mandated-defences - but neither Briggs (assuming he beats Oquendo) nor Pulev is going to set pulses racing. The Klitschko rematch would be huge but I'd like to see both have a couple of bouts in the interim. Parker was almost on-par with AJ as both came up the ranks but has now been left eating dirt, so Joshua scooping the WBO belt would be an attractive option in a clash of unbeaten heavyweight champs. Away from the belts, Luis Ortiz is still wasting his talent as the top guy without any gold around his waist. All of which leaves us with the number 1 option for a late-summer showdown: I'd go for Wilder in a big three-title unification match between unbeaten heavyweight champions with huge knockout power. - Colin Harris

I'd like to see the Klitschko rematch. Joshua showed heart, guts and lasting power during the first fight but Wladimir gave him hell by dominating the range for long periods and employing a little bit of movement. I'd like to see if AJ can improve in those areas. If he can't, Klitschko will still present a massive threat. - John Evans

I may be in the minority, but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the Pulev fight. In a perfect world, I’d love to see AJ bring both the WBA and IBF titles into a unification fight with either Wilder or Parker, but the Pulev mandatory doesn’t seem to be going away. The WBA seem happy enough to make Ortiz wait, and I’d love to see Joshua as a fully unified champion. As we’re all aware, AJ could be PPV if he was just shadow boxing these days, so if Matchroom could put on a great undercard then I’d be more than happy to see him get this mandatory out of the way next, before moving on to bigger things. - Luke Byron