World Fight Of The Year 2015

Boxing Monthly
29/12/2015 11:44am

Boxing Monthly’s online team select their picks for the ‘World Fight Of The Year’ in the latest of our 2015 awards.

Fonfara-Cleverly. A record-breaking light heavyweight slugfest. Not two of the most devasting punchers at 175lbs but these guys went at it like a human version of rock 'em,' sock 'em robots. Neither man would budge and the workrate was incredible. – Shaun Brown.

Vargas-Miura: This writer was fortunate enough to be ringside for this special bout, which woke up the entire MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas after a sleep-inducing waltz from Guillermo Rigondeaux. The Mexican's come from behind TKO win was the type of performance they make films about.  This one just begs for a rematch, and should the former Japanese champion take it, we could be on our way to another classic boxing trilogy. – Michael Montero.

Glowacki-Huck: We haven’t been spoilt for choice in regards to action fights this year and, for me, this came down to a choice between Glowacki v Huck and Vargas v Miura. I eventually chose Glowacki’s victory because he was more of an underdog and the fight contained what could well be the round of the year and also culminated in a contender for knockout of the year. Huck was a long-reigning, dangerous champion and Glowacki took the fight right too him. He refused to give up after being dropped badly himself and once he sensed his opportunity, he refused to let it slip. – John Evans.

Glowacki-Huck: 2015 seems to have been a little barren for big fights, but there was something about Glowacki beating Huck which I liked: I did sense an upset though - a long reigning champion has an almighty lay-off, get a new promotional outfit and managerial group, goes to the states, has a chance to become the most successful-defences cruiserweight champion of all time, it's all "promotion, promotion, promotion"....... and yet again the underdog didn't read the script (same as RJJ arriving in Russia, and then it all goes to pot). Glowacki earned a lot of kudos for his win, and rightly so. – Colin Harris 

Matthysse-Provodnikov: It wasn't the explosive bust-up everyone expected, but it certainly didn't disappoint either. The 12-round slugfest was crammed with the kind of action that shortens boxers fighting careers. In a day and age where the Mayweather shoulder roll seems to be in fashion, these guys stripped it back to the basis for a cracker. – Paul Zanon.

Vargas-Miura: We knew these two would put on a good fight, but I don't think anyone expected the titanic clash that we got. Miura's toughness may lead to a short career, but let's enjoy the treasure while we have it. This was a fantastic fight, especially considering Guillermo Rigondeaux's stinker earlier in the previous night. – Shawn Smith.

Vargas-Miura: I would have plumped for Krzysztof Glowacki’s stirring come-from-behind victory against Marco Huck until yesterday when I finally caught up with Francisco Vargas versus Takashi Miura online. If you haven’t seen this see-saw super-featherweight battle for the ages then I strongly advise you to check it out as soon as possible. A breathtaking war – it hurts me just to think about it. – Luke Williams.

Rodriguez-Seals: Former super-middleweight world title challenger engaged in a wild shootout with the undefeated - but unheralded - Michael Seals. In just three rounds they produced five knockdowns - split three two in Rodriguez's favour. The first round alone saw Rodriguez in the canvas twice having previously sent Seals there. It's a fight that you just can't take your eyes off. – John A. Macdonald,

Vargas-Miura: A crazed and compelling clash that outshone many others on the night with a genuine power struggle between two exceptionally resilient and competitive fighters. Miura’s willingness to take punishment in order to give it, coupled with Vargas’ final, lethal combination punching elevated this undercard fight to an unmissable adventure. - Jessi Jackalope.

Glowacki-Huck: This fight and result is easily upset of the year as well as fight of the year.  The stage was set for Huck to take his all action style to the bright lights of America. Glowacki though, didn't fancy reading the script and proceeded to end Huck's six year,13 defence reign as WBO cruiserweight champion after climbing off the canvas in round six himself. Honourable Mention goes to Miura v Vargas. – Callum Rudge.

Rodriguez-Seals: When I watched this fight unfold I got flashbacks to Carl Thompson's multiple knockdown thriller with the late Ezra Sellars.  It had that same edge of your seat unpredictability to it as both men hurt the other, each and every time they connected with a shot.  Five knockdowns in three rounds says it all and for pure thrills and spills it was my favourite action fight of 2015. – Danny Winterbottom.

Fonfara-Cleverly: A brutal a bloody fight where both guys came out of with huge respect and prospects for 2016. Cleverly lost but showed a mix of skill and courage, and sounds like he means it when he says only the top opposition will get him in the ring. 2015 couldn't have gone much better for Andrzej Fonfara. He battered glamour boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and deserved his win against ex-world belt holder Cleverly. The only way is up. Fonfara-Ward please. - TKO Radio. ‘World Fight Of The Year 2015.’ – Francisco Vargas WTKO9 Takashi Miura.