Work, rest and fight

Shaun Brown
25/06/2016 2:34pm

The last time Boxing Monthly spoke to Tom Doran (17-0, 7 KOs) he was working 12-hour shifts as an aircraft electrician, and because of this time with his family was at a premium, and training was starting at a time when most people were asleep.

That was April when Doran was preparing for a 10-round fight for the vacant WBC International middleweight title against Luke Keeler at Liverpool's Echo Arena. A rematch of their Prizefighter semi-final bout in 2015 which Doran won en route to a victory in the final against Cello Renda.

Doran v Keeler 2 turned out to be something of a blink and you'll miss it affair. Both fighters down in the opening round. Doran first, and then Keeler revisiting the canvas in the second round another two times. Job done in memorable fashion.

"I had a lapse in concentration," Doran said remembering the overhand right from Keeler that dropped him,

"[I] took a needless shot, from there everything was a positive the way I turned it around. Recovered quickly, and took the driving seat basically and put the fight on him."

A lapse in concentration tonight against British middleweight champion Chris Eubank Jr. (22-1, 17 KOs) at London's O2 Arena may well result in the unbeaten Doran suffering his first ever professional defeat.

The Welshman is seemingly the bridge that Eubank Jr has to cross before setting up a date in the autumn against the best middleweight in the world Gennady Golovkin. There's been more talk of GGG than Doran. A tad disrespectful, but nothing that Doran and the rest of us aren't used to from Eubank Jr and 'English'.

"That's the family they are," Doran remarked. "Any bit of media, but it's great for me because the more distractions they've got the better. I'm firmly focused on 25 June. That's my goal."

"I don't expect a shoot-out like the Keeler fight," Doran added. "I expect it to be action packed, and dramatic maybe, but no not like that. Although everyone would love to see it!"

The distractions and demands of 12-hour shifts for Doran are now over having moved to a new company, still working as an Aircraft Electrician. A field of work he's been involved with since taking on an apprenticeship after a school visit from an aviation employer.

Doran now has a more traditional eight hour working day than 12. More time to train, more time with the family, more time to relax.

"I'm sitting in the garden as we speak!" Doran laughed. "Waiting to start my next training session.

"I'm now doing eight hour days which helps the training, but they give me four weeks off for this fight. I've never had that before.

"It's nice to get my training out the way early then I've got the rest of the day to myself, to be with my family and training again later on."

Doran may be the betting underdog against Eubank Jr (10/1) but that's just numbers and nonsense to Doran. He's just itching to test Eubank Jr. He's keen to see what happens when he lands shots on the champion's chin, what happens if he's backed up into a fire-fight and, possibly, when the blistering speed of combinations aren't put the dents in Doran the way they have done in others previously.

"He's a good fighter, can't take that away from him, but has he really been tested yet? Has he took a shot clean on the chin? There's questions to be answered there and I fully intend on asking those questions," Doran declared.

"He breaks people down doesn't he. He doesn't knock people out, it's accumulation of punches, but he's still stopping them let's not take that away from him. I think people are talking about it [his power] too much.

"I'm ready to go the distance, because I'm always in top shape, but I don't see this fight going the distance."