UK Fight Of The Year 2015

Boxing Monthly
28/12/2015 11:27am

Boxing Monthly’s online team select their picks for the ‘UK Fight Of The Year’ in the latest of our 2015 awards.

Buglioni-Markham: Frank Buglioni spent 2015 proving that he’s yet to meet a punch that he doesn’t like. His fights leave viewers concussed, so it is little wonder that his give-and-take battle with Markham featured on a few ‘Best of 2015’ lists. His career will not last long, but this ‘Bug’ is a welcome presence on TV screens and will continue to produce this type of action over the course of what remains of his career. – Terry Dooley.

Jenkinson-Pettitt. No-one saw this coming. Not many had even heard of Bobby Jenkinson before 26 September. A 23-year-old with 10 fights and one stoppage was meant to be a good 'opponent' for Pettitt but he ripped up the script and created a fairytale all of his own in a hugely entertaining fight at Wembley Arena. I love it when you get the unexpected. – Shaun Brown.

Linares-Mitchell: O2 Arena? Champ defending his title in his opponent's backyard?  Both fighters knocked down?  Blood?  Come from behind stoppage in the championship rounds? Yeah, gimme some of that! – Michael Montero.

Linares-Mitchell: It is all too rare to see a top level operator like Linares fighting on these shores and even rarer to see them pushed so hard that we see their true quality. Kevin Mitchell finally produced the goods in a world title fight and the Venezuelan was forced to pick himself up off the canvas before his fast, accurate bursts busted up the Londoner’s face. Linares is one of the best fighters to watch on the current scene and the skill he and Mitchell showed was matched only by their bravery. – John Evans.

Linares-Mitchell: Mitchell's heroic effort against Linares (which could well have been a career finisher, we'll have to wait and see) gets my nod: a brilliant effort against a vastly underrated and unknown champion and he was unlucky not to get the rub of the green......... if it was a bout between two Brits then I'd go for Joshua-Whyte: it was tantalising from opening bell to the ref waving it off. - Colin Harris.

Ryan-Hibbert II: They provided all the action a small hall fight would normally give, but provided it to a much bigger audience. The crowd was on their feet throughout. Look forward to their fourth match. – Paul Zanon. 

Ryan-Hibbert II: What a war. Not many pegged these two as fight of the year candidates before they met, but they both established their named in a Gatti-Ward-like classic. Let's do it a fourth time then, yeah? - Shawn Smith.

Joshua-Whyte: I’ve a weakness for a good heavyweight scrap, so I’m going to plump for Anthony Joshua versus Dillian Whyte. This was a grudge match that pretty much had everything – thrills, spills, a terrific atmosphere and an unexpectedly strong performance from a massive underdog. The only sour note was the absurdity of having a British title fight as a Pay-Per-View attraction – in that direction lies the further marginalisation of boxing. - Luke Williams.

Buglioni-Markham: A fight that can only be described as attritional. Both men were there to hit and the other obliged hard and often. Buglioni did try to make use of a solid jab but was often dragged into a fight by his smaller, marauding opponent. It was a contest with several swings in momentum and, in the end, the judges couldn't split them as the fight was a split decision draw. I don't think anyone would be disappointed if we saw a rematch in the New Year. – John A. Macdonald.

Ryan-Hibbert II: Lovers of a long-term rivalry in the vein of Gatti-Ward would not have been left disappointed by this explosive and surprising fight. Both fighters were brave, game, and highly watchable with a commendable comeback from Ryan to eventually take the fight. Future clashes between these two are bound to be hotly anticipated; bullying, brutal, and unmistakably British. - Jessi Jackalope.

Linares-Mitchell: In a year of one-sided super-fights it was left to the level just underneath to find some blood and thunder action. An early knockdown signalled that finally Mitchell had won the big one, but Linares' strong will and accurate punches busted up the challenger enough to get the away win and end the Dagenham man’s run at 'world' level. - Callum Rudge.

Linares-Mitchell: The outrageously gifted Venezuelan was given a real run for his money by Kevin Mitchell in defence of his WBC lightweight title in May.  Linares was dropped in the fifth round but a gallant and bloodied Mitchell was finished in the tenth after a tense battle that ebbed and flowed beautifully. In hindsight, the fight may have taken more out of Mitchell than first realized. - Danny Winterbottom.

Blackwell-Ryder: Ryder, as favourite, started fast and looked strong, but Blackwell made a stand and showed he had the next level in him. He halted the momentum, quickly turned the tables and, by getting Ryder out of there, Blackwell not only grabbed the British middleweight title, but also left a big impression on viewers while moving his career forward a huge step. - TKO Radio. ‘UK Fight Of The Year 2015.’ – Jorge Linares WTKO10 Kevin Mitchell.