Tso seeks power show

Mark Butcher
18/07/2015 10:55am

World-rated super-flyweight Rex Tso is seeking to unleash new found force after adding a strength and conditioning coach to his arsenal. The crowd-pleasing Tso, who could turn a pillow fight into a war, is rarely in a dull match though a lack of concussive, one punch power could previously have been viewed as a weakness. That may be about to change.

Tso, 16-0 (9 KOs), faces Thai Khunkhiri Wor Wisaruth, a career super-bantam, in a catchweight bout at the Cotai Arena in Macao on Saturday night with a knockout on his mind.

Hong Kong’s first ever pro boxer was originally slated to face Kohei Kono for the WBA title on the ‘Victory At The Venetian’ card before boxing politics scuppered that opportunity. The Japanese fighter was subsequently injured while preparing for a defence against compatriot Koki Kameda in the U.S. and the title is currently in limbo.

Meanwhile, Tso marks time over eight rounds, boosted by new strength and conditioning coach Ross Eathorne and the results in just 10 weeks have astonished the Hong Konger and his sparring partners.

“Now I feel more stable and feel the power,” Tso told Boxing Monthly. “Those I spar with comment that they feel a difference. When I first started boxing I hated weight training! But now my body feels more used to it. Ross always makes the programmes fun.

"First time I sparred [for this camp], I threw a one-two ‘bang!’ and my sparring partner doesn’t move," said Tso who has been working with Filipino brothers Rey and Randy Megrino. "But a few weeks later after conditioning I threw ‘bang bang’ and he went ‘uuugghhhh!’ I saw the difference. Not only the power. First week he punched me and felt very strong, but now I can concentrate and block his punch."

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the process,” added Eathorne. “Rex is an elite athlete and a professional. I’ve worked with other [sport’s] world champions and New Zealand cricket captains, other athletes, but this guy’s attitude is very humble. After about a month, I knew if I asked him to do something, I knew he would do it. As a trainer – that’s just fantastic. Normal clients just roll their eyes when you ask them to do something hard. He just does it.

“Because you have the continuity of training. You can see the weights go up every week and even he’s surprised saying, ‘I never thought about picking up that before.’ We still have a lot more to improve on, but it’s a great experience to work with him.”

Tso’s war against Filipino buzzsaw Michael Enriquez in March was one of the fights of the year with the Hong Konger taking ridiculous punishment at times, yet roaring back defiantly before triumphing on the scorecards.

“He was a really tough fighter,” southpaw Tso told BM. “I just wanted to try another technique. I never tried infighting like that before and soon I had trouble and needed to handle it. In this fight, I will try more to get the distance [right], find clean shots, pick up points and be more safe!”

Yang-Cuenca and Tso-Wor Wisaruth will be streamed live in the US on Toprank.tv from 6am ET with most of the undercard.

Nonito Donaire-Anthony Settoul, as well as Jose Ramírez's bout with Ryusei Yoshida, will be televised to the U.S, via same-day delay, on Solo Boxeo Tecate on UniMás, beginning at 11pm ET/PT.

Victory at the Venetian will be broadcast live on BoxNation in the UK from 1.30pm.