'The sky's the limit': Seniesa Estrada interview

Paul Zanon
06/04/2018 10:15am

Photos John Maresca

Seniesa 'Super Bad' Estrada is a Los Angeles-born flyweight prospect who is promoted by Golden Boy. Currently 12-0 she is homing in on a world title challenge and recently found time to speak to Boxing Monthly's Paul Zanon...

29751024 10155170833990684 633400386 nPZ: Who gave you the nickname, ‘Super Bad?’

SE: That came from my favourite fighter, Sugar Ray Leonard. When he was a kid they used to call him 'Super Bad' at the gym. The name was given by myself and my trainer.

PZ: How many fights did you have as an amateur and did you win any titles?

SE: I had little over a hundred fights, close to 110 in fact. I only had five losses. I lost my first three amateur fights in a row, when I was eight years old. After that I went on a 50-fight winning streak and then I lost again when I was about 14 years old and my last loss was when I was 16.

PZ: Do you have any other family members who boxed?

SE: My dad used to box when he was a kid, but didn’t take it very seriously. When I was about six or seven years old, because my parents were divorced, I would see my dad every so often and go over to his house and he’d be watching boxing all the time. His favourite fighter was Roberto Duran. And with two older brothers, I’d always watch wrestling with them. My dad would always have the current Pay Per View fights on and we’d watch them together. That’s when I started to fall in love with the sport of boxing. He taught me my first moves and did a great job.

PZ: You are currently 12-0. You are ranked No1 in the USA and No 7 in the world for the flyweight division according to Boxrec. What are your plans over the next 12 months?

SE: I’d like to start fighting for titles. I’m ready. I’m hoping my next fight will be for a title.

PZ: The flyweight division is pretty competitive. Do you have any fighters in your sights that you would like to challenge?

SE: There’s a lot of good fighters in my weight division. I want to fight the best. I’d like to fight Yesica Bopp, from Argentina. She has the WBA and WBO [light flyweight] titles and she’s been world champion for ten years [with only one loss to Jessica Chavez – the world’s No1 flyweight]. I think it would be a great fight between us.

PZ: Toughest fighter you have had so far in the pro ranks?

SE: My toughest was my fourth pro fight against Carly Batey. That was on the GGG undercard, when he fought Willie Munroe Jr. The reason I say that one is because I fought a girl who usually fights at 118lbs to 122lbs and I’m a 112lbs fighter. It was tough getting an opponent for me, so I was fighting whoever at whatever weight. At that time, I was told that Carly could only get down to 114lbs. I was thinking, ‘That’s what I walk around at!’ My trainer wasn’t sure if I should take the fight because of the weight difference, but I agreed to it, because I knew I could beat her. So the fight was agreed at 114lbs. [Seniesa laughs before explaining how she made weight]. I broke all the dieting rules to make the 114lbs. On the day of the weigh-in, I had three donuts, a Coca Cola, a brownie and a double cheeseburger with French fries – and I was barely 114lbs. I was stuffed. The next day, she blew up to around 130lbs and I was only around 112/113lbs. Come fight night, I had to box very smart because she was so big. That said, I hit her with an overhand right and I think it was the first time she’d ever been down in her career and she was really hurt. I tried to finish her, but the bell rang. That was a good six-round fight. A good learning fight, but mentally a very tough fight.

[N.B – Seniesa is down as 5ft'9" on Boxrec and 25 years old. She’s actually 5'3" and 24 years old.]

PZ: Tell us a bit more about the team you work with. Who trains you and who manages you.

SE: My trainer [Dean Campos] also takes care of stuff like management. He’s brilliant. Golden Boy Promotions promote me.

PZ: Who wins – Vasyl Lomachenko or Jorge Linares?

SE: Oh man. That’s a good one. I’m going Lomachenko. I think Lomachenko’s footwork and movement will be what will win the fight for him. Linares is aggressive and strong, but at the same time, Lomachenko’s movement kind of takes that away from fighters. I would say Lomachenko wins a close decision.

PZ: How much more of Seniesa Estrada are we yet to see?

SE: So much more. Now I’m with Golden Boy Promotions, the sky’s the limit with my career. I know I’ll be able to accomplish everything I want to, being televised on the big networks, which means you’ll see a lot more of me. Every fight I want to look better and entertain my fans even more than the fight before.

PZ: If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?

SE: That’s a good one! I’d say Roy Jones because I fight similar to him and many have compared my style to his. I grew up watching him and I use a lot of things he did in the ring.