Spence vs Garcia: Pros' predictions

James Lupton
11/03/2019 11:53am

Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

As fight week arrives in Dallas, Texas the general consensus is that boxing fans are going to witness something special. With pound-for-pound status at stake in the highly anticipated welterweight match-up between Mikey Garcia and Errol Spence Jr, James Lupton brings you eight boxing pros' big-fight predictions...

“I favour Spence. He goes to the body as well as any southpaw in boxing and has a great engine along with his power. Garcia is obviously world class, but Spence is also talented and athletic. He isn't just the bigger man. He is a legit welterweight though. Spence won the National Golden Gloves at welter back in 2009. Garcia was still fighting as a featherweight in 2013. It's too big a jump for him in my opinion.” - Ross Enamait, trainer

“This is a hard one, both top quality fighters. I'm going to go with Spence just purely on height advantage, hard one to call - this is a 50/50 fight.” - Jay Harris, Commonwealth flyweight champion

“It’s a very tough call and I absolutely admire Mikey for taking this fight he’s a real throwback and if he was to pull it off he’d be my instant P4P [number one]. I’m thinking it just may be a step too far. Errol’s confidence is possibly his biggest asset. But I’m going Garcia points, I think he’s the better boxer. Might be biased here as I’m a huge Garcia fan, also I like an underdog!” - Ryan Walsh, British featherweight champion

“I think Spence will win. Think the natural size advantage will be the difference. Both great fighters but think Spence wins on points.” - Pauly Upton, former Irish super welterweight champion

“I see it as a 50/50 fight in terms of raw skill level. Mikey is taking this fight with a huge sense of confidence and you have to respect him for that. The only thing most are concerned with is if he’ll be able to handle the weight factor, let alone the power of Spence. I’m also curious to see if Mikey’s power will carry up, and how his own body reacts to the weight because some fighters who move up become slow and sluggish. Overall as much as I admire Mikey, I have to side with Spence in a close UD victory.” - Jamel Herring, USBA super featherweight champion

“I got Spence. I think a great big fighter beats a great small fighter.” - Adam Kownacki, heavyweight

“Firstly let’s applaud both fighters for taking such a mouth-watering fight. Especially Garcia. For stepping up. Skipping 140 and [moving] into the 147lbs division. I can see it being a cagey affair initially. With both men looking to use their pedigree and skills. And hopefully the fight catches fire and we get some fantastic exchanges and moments of the fight. It will be interesting to see how Garcia fares at 147lbs. Especially against Spence. As Spence has stated in the past that he does have to boil down a bit to make the limit. By the time they step into the ring, even with the IBF’s next day 10lbs rule, Spence will be closer to 160lbs if he hydrates and eats right, whereas I can’t see Garcia weighing much over 145lb naturally. So, in summary; my prediction: A cagey opening to the bout, showing skills and excellent shot picking. But essentially, if you throw in the size difference, the southpaw stance and the fact The Truth [Spence] is in front of his people. I see Spence having a little too much for Garcia down the stretch, and talking his belt home with him. I can see Garcia being tricky enough and clever enough to hear the final bell though. Spence on points. - Lewis van Poetsch, light heavyweight

“I think that Garcia has shown a lot of bottle in wanting to step up two weight divisions to fight arguably the most feared guy at welterweight who is so much bigger than him, so much bigger than most people at the weight. For him to do that so confidently with an undefeated record there must be something or things he has seen in Spence to give him the confidence, I guess on the day we will find out if it’s a mistake. If I’m pushed to make a definitive decision rather than sitting on the fence, then I’m going to pick the bigger guy [Spence] who’s still got skills will beat the smaller guy. I think size will probably be the difference on the night. But I’m hoping Garcia win or lose shows is that he’s skilled enough to make the fight an interesting and competitive one. - Umar Sadiq, super middleweight

Final tally: Spence 7 Garcia 1