Scorecard: Usyk vs Gassiev

Callum Rudge
21/07/2018 11:58pm

Oleksandr Usyk produced a masterclass on Saturday night in Moscow as he unified the cruiserweight championship of the world in the World Boxing Super Series final against Murat Gassiev. Here is how Callum Rudge saw the contest for Boxing Monthly online...

Rd 1: Usyk wins the opener comfortably using his jab and better footwork. Gassiev starting very slow, eating a lot of jabs and scoring little in return. 10-9 Usyk

Rd 2: Usyk wins another round with his jab and feet. Every time Gassiev comes in Usyk steps off, fantastic footwork. Gassiev landed a couple of body shots but Usyk round. 20-18 Usyk

Rd 3: Another Usyk round. Gassiev starting to get a bit closer but hasn’t landed much of note. Usyk happy to keep him on the outside and pot shot him. 30-27 Usyk

Rd 4: Gassiev starting to get a bit closer round by round and lands a monster right hand at the close of the round that hurt Usyk. Usyk wins the round though, his feet are exceptional. 40-36 Usyk

Rd 5: probably the toughest round to score so far. Usyk looks to have slowed down a bit but probably won the round. Gassiev just not landing enough shots. 50-45 Usyk

Rd 6: Gassiev just isn’t throwing enough in this fight. Usyk is outworking and outboxing him in every round. Gassiev looking forlorn in his corner. 60-54 Usyk

Rd 7: Usyk continuing to win every round comfortably. Jabbing and outmanning Gassiev with ease. Gassiev landed a right hand but little else. 70-63 Usyk

Rd 8: Another round gone and another round for Usyk. This fight isn’t hard to score, none of these rounds have been. Gassiev just looks lethargic while Usyk looks like he has gears left to go into. 80-72 Usyk

Rd 9: This is starting to become embarrassing now, just when we mentioned having more gears to go into, Usyk finds them. Completely dominating this fight. 90-81 Usyk

Rd 10: Gassiev starting to throw everything at Usyk now but taking a lot going in. Usyk is just a level above Gassiev and the quicker feet are the key. Gassiev looking slow and ponderous in comparison. 100-90 Usyk

Rd 11: Gassiev continues to try but he’s eating every punch coming in. Usyk is better in every department. Fantastic performance. 110-99 Usyk

Rd 12: In the final round and 11 rounds ahead, Usyk doesn’t rest on his laurels and instead continues to outbox and outwork Gassiev. Usyk’s engine is unreal, he did not stop throwing for 12 rounds. Amazing performance by the Ukrainian. 120-108 Usyk

Verdict: Usyk unifies the cruiserweight division for the first time in the 'big four' (WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO) era. He outworked and outboxed Gassiev every round - the Russian just couldn’t get a foothold in the fight.