Scorecard: Srisaket vs Gonzalez 2

Luke G. Williams
10/09/2017 7:17am

Thai WBC super flyweight champion Srisaket Sor Rungvisai sensationally destroyed former pound for pound king Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez in round four last night at the StubHub Center in California. Here's how Luke G. Williams saw the contest...

R1: Srisaket begins the busier, looking to land his big lefts and rights to the head and body. He also lands a crisp right to Chocolatito's midsection. Not much from Gonzalez except for when he complains about the Thai coming in with his head which prompts the champion to shrug his shoulders in a 'not guilty' manner. 10-9 Srisaket

R2: Chocolatito tries to find his rhythm but can't unload his combinations in that smooth way we are accustomed to seeing. Srisaket looks too big and strong right now. The Thai grunts as he unloads some heavy, hurtful shots. Gonzalez scores with a right late on but Srisaket is outworking and outlanding him. 10-9 Srisaket

R3: Srisaket looks loose and confident, Gonzalez is much stiffer and more hesitant. Up close the Thai seems to being bossing matters although Gonzalez does land a stiff right to the body mid round. The crowd respond as the Nicaraguan finally gets some punches together in the final minute, but Srisaket responds with a big left and ends the round with a further couple of heavy shots. 10-9 Srisaket

R4: Sensational! A big Srisaket right hook in the first minute of the round and Gonzalez is down! The former pound for pound king is up at seven but looks unsteady! Bravely so bravely, Gonzalez tries to fire back but a huge flurry from Srisaket, culminating in a massive right hook to the jaw and Chocolatito is down on his back and unconscious! The referee takes a look and waves it over! After one minute and 18 seconds of round four Srisaket has retained his title in the most comprehensive manner imaginable.

Verdict: An era came to an end at the StubHub Center tonight. It's never pleasant to see a great champion pole-axed and brought low, but that's what happened to Roman Gonzalez in scenes which reminded me a little of the night Antonio Tarver savaged Roy Jones Jr.

Hopefully Srisaket Sor Rungvisai - now 44-4-1 (with 40 KOs) will get the credit he deserves for a truly sensational performance, while Gonzalez - now 46-2 (38 KOs) - is surely best advised to call it a day after a wonderful career.

"I trained really hard for four months," Srisaket told HBO after the fight. "I want every Thai person to know what I came here for. I fought for Thailand, the pride of Thailand, the country of Thailand, this is what I fight for. For the first fight I only trained for two months, for this fight I trained for four months. I knew I was going to knock him out."

When asked who he would prefer to fight out of mandatory Juan Francisco Estrada or Japanese phenom Naoya Inoue, the Thai retorted: "I will fight whoever. I'm not scared of anyone." I don't doubt it.