Scorecard: Srisaket vs Estrada

Luke G. Williams
25/02/2018 2:30pm

Relentless Thai super-flyweight king Srisaket Sor Rungvisai edged out cunning and gutsy Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada at the Forum in Inglewood after a classic, potential fight of the year barnstormer. Here is how Luke G. Williams saw the contest...

R1: A quiet opening stanza. Estrada maybe edges it with his more precise punching. 10-9 Estrada

R2: There are nearly 8,000 fans at the Forum for this fight and they enjoy a really lively round - Srisaket takes it with his all-action pressure, as he forces the more calculating Estrada backwards with heavy and eye catching shots, particularly his mighty left. 10-9 Srisaket

R3: Another good round for Srisaket. He looks the more powerful and has settled into his relentless, percussive rhythm well. 10-9 Srisaket

R4: These are close, exciting rounds but Srisaket is taking most of them on my card - his work is more impactful, his shots heavier and I think he is landing more than Estrada. 10-9 Srisaket

R5: Srisaket's best round so far as he landed clubbing lefts and rights to Estrada's head and body. He looks the boss in there right now. 10-9 Srisaket

R6: Estrada needs to make some adjustments as another round slips away in favour of the aggressive, relentless Thai. 10-9 Srisaket

R7: Estrada lands some quality shots but so does Srisaket, who I think edges another round. An all-action fight this, both men showing quality, heart and great determination. 10-9 Srisaket

R8: Estrada rallies and lands some good heavy shots, Srisaket replies with blows of his own but loses the round as Estrda stems the tide of rounds to the Thai. 10-9 Estrada

R9: Another Estrada round - he's found his groove and lands an excellent uppercut which discomforts Srisaket. A fantastic, skilful, non-stop fight this. 10-9 Estrada

R10: Srisaket roars back after a couple of quieter rounds. It's a another tight, hi-tempo stanza but it swings the Thai southpaw's way after he lands two big rights in the closing seconds. 10-9 Srisaket

R11: Estrada is finishing looking much stronger and more purposeful than during the first half of the fight. Powerful combinations halt Srisaket from time to time as both men look to score and hurt each other. Fabulous action. 10-9 Estrada

R12: A thrilling, toe-to-toe humdinger of a final round. Estrada really goes for it, putting together smooth and hurtful combinations. Srisaket gives as good as he receives though and we have an all-out intense battle for the full three minutes. That's an Estrada round but I think Srisaket has nicked the fight 7 rounds to 5. 10-9 Estrada

Verdict: What a fight! The remarkable Srisaket edged it for me by the narrowest of margins - I could also have seen the case for a draw. My final scorecard was 115-113, while on the official cards the Thai reigning champion got the nod 115-113 and 117-111, with one judge making it 114-114. Regardless of who you thought won, this was a fabulous contest during which both pugilists demonstrated their mettle and skill. Promoter Tom Loefller pretty much summed it up afterwards when he declared: "There was no dancing tonight, only fighting." A rematch would be brilliant - but there are also plenty of other enticing matches to be made involving these two great warriors at 115lbs.