Scorecard: Rosales vs Barnes, Fury vs Pianeta, Frampton vs Jackson

Callum Rudge
19/08/2018 9:15pm

On a memorable night in Belfast, Cristofer Rosales stopped Paddy Barnes to retain his WBC flyweight title, Tyson Fury won all ten rounds against Francesco Pianeta to set up a clash for against Deontay Wilder and Carl Frampton stopped Luke Jackson to seal a showdown against Josh Warrington. Callum Rudge from the Below The Belt podcast scored all three contests for Boxing Monthly online...

Rosales vs Barnes
Rd 1: Very good opener here, Barnes started well and was able to find his way inside but Rosales with a very good end to the round. He definitely buzzed Barnes at least once - close but a round for the champion.
10-9 Rosales

Rd 2: Another very good round. Rosales looks the bigger puncher but Barnes lands some excellent shots to head and body. Another close round but I just give it to Barnes.

Rd 3: A cracking fight brewing here. Barnes keeps the contest on the inside and is doing well but Rosales is such a heavy puncher. Probably the Nicaraguan's round, just.
29-28 Rosales

Rd 4: Rosales and Barnes are having an excellent fight on the inside until a ripping right to the body by Rosales drops and stops Barnes.

Rosales wins by TKO 4

Verdict: Six-fight novice Barnes was stopped by a bigger and stronger man in Rosales who continues to show that being the away fighter won’t stop him putting on dominant performances.

Fury vs Pianeta
Rd 1: Fury starts much better than he did in the Sefer Seferi fight. He is mostly boxing orthodox and moving Pianeta around.
10-9 Fury

Rd 2: Another Fury round. He’s boxing and moving well here. Pianeta doing his best to make it interesting but Fury controlling things.
20-18 Fury

Rd 3: More of the same here - Fury boxing at his own pace, Pianeta lands a couple of shots in the corner but Fury is controlling the pace here.
30-27 Fury

Rd 4: Fury starting to turn it up a bit now. Nothing dramatic happening but he’s starting to put some spite into his shots. The Gypsy King is even having a jig now.
40-36 Fury

Rd 5: Fury seems to have dropped a gear this round. Happy to just box and move.
50-45 Fury

Rd 6: More of the same here, Fury winning every round comfortably, Pianeta with not much ambition. Fury switches to southpaw now.
60-54 Fury

Rd 7: Fury again turning up the pressure a bit, nothing amazing but landed some good body shots and a nice right hand up top. He will look for the stoppage now you’d think.
70-63 Fury

Rd 8: Fury has Pianeta where he wants him but he needs to put more spite into his shots now. He’s won every round comfortably.
80-72 Fury

Rd 9: Pianeta looks like he could survive to the end here. Fury hurt him to the body and head but the Italian survives the round.
90-81 Fury

Rd 10: Fury continues to box and move. Landing to body and head but doesn’t hurt Pianeta. Fury looks to have won every round and sets up a fight with WBC Champ Deontay Wilder.
100-90 Fury

Fury also wins 100-90 on referee Steve Gray's card

Verdict: A decent if underwhelming performance from Fury who comfortably won every round against an opponent who rarely showed ambition. Wilder will not be too worried on this showing though.

Frampton vs Jackson
Rd 1: Quiet opener here, Frampton walking Jackson down but not throwing too much, seems happy to just have a look for now. Frampton wins the round on ring generalship alone.
10-9 Frampton

Rd 2: Another quiet round but Jackson is starting to warm up a bit. Frampton still controlling things but this fight hasn’t caught light yet.
20-18 Frampton

Rd 3: Another Frampton round, Jackson giving it his all but has been buzzed a couple of times. Frampton is cut and it is bugging him a bit but nothing major.
30-27 Frampton

Rd 4: A slower round there, Frampton won it but Jackson landed some decent shots of his own and looked comfortable. Frampton landed the better shots though.
40-36 Frampton

Rd 5: Frampton is starting to put some spite into his shots now. He lands some beautiful right hands in this round. He’s enjoying this.
50-45 Frampton

Rd 6: Frampton is really pouring it on now but Jackson is showing a great chin and has landed some decent shots of his own.
60-54 Frampton

Rd 7: A better round for Jackson who continues to do his best but he is just up against a better man in the Northern Irishman.
70-63 Frampton

Rd 8: Frampton drops Jackson with a body shot but can’t finish him. I wouldn’t blame Jackson’s corner for pulling him out here.
80-71 Frampton

Rd 9: Frampton stops Jackson in the ninth. Jackson was hurt by another body shot and the towel came in straight away from the Aussie's corner.

Frampton wins by TKO 9

Verdict: A good showing from Frampton who controlled the tempo every round against a tough but overmatched challenger in Jackson.