Scorecard: Golovkin vs Jacobs

Luke G. Williams
19/03/2017 1:26pm

Gennady Golovkin squeezed past Daniel Jacobs in what was a bitterly debated points decision in Saturday night's middleweight showdown...

Round 1: Slow and cagey start. GGG edges the round for me by virtue of a jab or two. 10-9 GGG

Round 2: Jacobs lands a sneaky left, GGG still not finding his range. Untidy and quiet round which I think Jacobs shaded. He turned southpaw at one point and is using reach and movement to disrupt GGG. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 3: Jacobs looks so much bigger and longer than GGG. He is boxing to a cautious plan, lands more and takes another tight round. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 4: GGG explodes into action, flooring Jacobs with a quick couple of rights early on. He looks hurt and GGG goes after him but Jacobs survives. 10-8 GGG

Round 5: GGG lands another big right, Jacobs takes it well but it edges the round to the Kazakh. 10-9 GGG

Round 6: Jacobs on his toes boxing, lands some sharp shots and shows good hand speed. He has recovered well from that torrid fourth round. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 7: A tight round - Jacobs off the back foot, again using movement to frustrate GGG. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 8: GGG gets Jacobs against the ropes early on, but can't keep him there. This is a fiendish fight to score. Intriguing albeit not the barnstormer we hoped for. 10-9 GGG

Round 9: GGG ships some clean shots but finished the round strong, with Jacobs looking under pressure. 10-9 GGG

Round 10: Jacobs scores well to GGG's body and uses superior movement and his jab to sneak another round. This is tight. Very tight. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 11: Close round as Golovkin's fans try to rouse him with 'Triple-G' chants. Again Jacobs has success to the body. Golovkin coming forward but Jacobs countering well. 10-9 Jacobs

Round 12: This final round could be decisive and Golovkin edges it for me with more confident, decisive work. 10-9 GGG

Verdict: An intriguing fight that never quite caught fire but was compelling from beginning to end. Those at ringside and at home seemed split as to whether GGG or 'Miracle Man' deserved the verdict. What is definitely true is that Golovkin was made to look a little one-dimensional and Jacobs got his tactics spot on, using his superior height and reach as well as his greater weight and changes in movement and stance to good effect to prevent the Kazakh finding his rhythm. Golovkin won the fight on the judges' cards and - according to punch stats - landed more shots, but his stock has fallen, while Jacobs' has risen.

(Judges' scores 115-112, 115-112 and 114-113 to Golovkin. BM online had it 114-113 to Golovkin)