'Prospect vs prospect': Mike Le-Gallez interview

Chris Glover
23/10/2019 8:12pm


Mike Le-Gallez, the brainchild behind Contender VIP Promotions, speaks to Chris Glover about the Manchester based outfit's philosophies and ambitions...

Mike Le-Gallez's Contender VIP Promotions exploded onto the British boxing scene in September of this year, as the tournament styled format put some of Britain's most ambitious prospects in the ring against each other, with rising stars from the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions squaring off against each other.

Le-Gallez's brainchild has emerged with the guidance of the highly respected Manchester mainstay Maurice Core, the ormer British light heavyweight champion who has been an integral part of the legendary Champs Camp for over two decades.

Le-Gallez opened up about what inspired him to get involved with professional boxing and his relationship with Core and Champs Camp.

"I've always loved professional boxing and I've done a lot of training down at Champs Camp over the years, that's how I met Maurice Core," he said. "Maurice is one of the best people I've met in my life. He's an honorable, hard-working, honest man. That's what boxing needs so we sat down originally to discuss ideas to honor the life of the great Phil Martin and it all stemmed from there really.

"I come from a business background and Maurice, of course, has seen it all in boxing for years and years, so I believe by us working together we can really bring an explosive and exciting product to British boxing that fight fans will really enjoy which see's rising stars battle it out for a big cash prize.

Le-Gallez continued, giving his take on the debut show: "The Contender VIP series was inspired by Phil Martin. We based the concept and ideas around Phil Martin who was a pioneer in British Boxing and we have tried to create a product that is different to anything in Britain at the moment and based on the reaction I got from the first show, I believe we are moving in the right direction."

Contender VIP's second show returns on 21 December at Manchester's fabulous Hilton Hotel in Deansgate and will feature some mouthwatering clashes between undefeated prospects. Le-Gallez weighed in on what fight fans can expect from the second installment of Contender VIP.

"As I've said to everybody who's asked me about the shows, the intention behind them is to match prospect vs prospect and let the fighters be in real fights. That's what I believe is lacking in Britain at the moment so we're doing something to change that.

"I'm really excited about the Boris Creighton vs Diego Costa fight. Two hard-hitting undefeated prospects with an excellent pedigree who will put it all on the line from bell to bell. Also, we have John Telford, who is never in a bad fight, clashing with fellow North West native, the undefeated Kyle Lomotey in a fight that could steal the show.

"Alongside those fights we have some top quality prospects on the undercard such as Jake James, Jimmy First and more that will be in well matched contests too, so it's going to be a really entertaining night of action at the fantastic Hilton Hotel on Deansgate and I can't wait for this event as this is just a taste of the big plans Contender VIP have going forward."