Peter Fury: “Klitschko will never beat Tyson”

Shaun Brown
03/12/2015 11:49am

Peter Fury believes that Wladimir Klitschko will never be able to beat his nephew Tyson after the events of last Saturday night in Germany.

The uncle and trainer to the new unified heavyweight world champion masterminded Tyson’s victory as the 27-year-old proved too clever and too slick for a divisional king who had ruled supreme since April 2006 when he stopped Chris Byrd in seven rounds to claim the IBF and IBO titles.

With Wladimir set to exercise the rematch clause, which he must do officially by the end of January 2016, Peter says his first world champion has the Ukranian’s measure and a second victory may be even more conclusive.

“Wladimir knows deep down he has met his match in Tyson,” Fury told Boxing Monthly. “I think they’ll change tactics [next time]. They’ll try to break down Tyson’s defence and I think he’ll get stopped. That’s what I see next time.”

When Peter spoke to BM, the Instagram video from Klitschko which confirmed he would say yes to the rematch had not aired on social media.

“Wladimir will never be able to beat Tyson and it’s questionable whether Wladimir takes the fight or not. If he takes it will only be through other intervening parties,” he said prior to the 39-year-old’s decision to fight Tyson once again.

After a build-up of Batman, injury, various interactions on social media, illegal hand wrapping and one ring canvas too many what followed was as strange a performance from Klitschko as we have seen throughout his 68-fight career.

As the younger and more mobile Fury danced his way around the ring taunting Klitschko at many an opportunity there appeared to be fear nestling away in the champion’s arsenal. A right hand that has bid goodnight to many opponents revealed itself very little and on occasion we witnessed a formidable champion stopping himself halfway after throwing his game changing punch.

“If a man has your measure and he’s there and he has just as quick hands as you and got better flexibility than what you’ve got… what you’ve got to look at here; Tyson is just a better boxer than Wladimir Klitschko, that’s it. No matter what Wlad tried to do he wasn’t able to do it. Now they haven’t got the answers. In the aftermath he and his team still don’t know what happened. That’s how clever this strategy was to beat Klitschko. They still have no clue how he got beat. They don’t know how he couldn’t get his shots off. We know. We practiced it for five months to negate the other person’s moves.

“It’s a funny thing when you get in there and you can’t get your shots off,” Fury continued. “Boxing is an art, it’s a skill. When have you seen a 6ft 9ins heavyweight that moves like Tyson? When have you seen a 6ft 9ins heavyweight feint with every shot before he puts it in? You put that man in front of you and it’s an absolute nightmare.

“I commend Wladimir Klitschko for staying composed for 12 rounds and sticking to his game because if he had thrown caution to the wind he’d have got knocked out. Highly likely the same would have happened to Tyson if he tried to rush Klitschko.

“You’re looking at two fighters who have got magnificent defensive skills. When you get defensive fighters on the back foot you’re in for a chess match. This is what happened. It was an excellent display of boxing and he won it fairly comfortable.”