'Our plan is to expand': Stefy Bull interview

Chris Glover
18/11/2019 9:29pm

Stefy Bull tells Chris Glover he is planning to expand his management, training and promotional outfit from Yorkshire to the rest of the UK in the coming months and years...

Stefy Bull has emerged in recent years as one of the biggest names on Britain's 'small hall scene'. The former professional fighter, who once boxed Amir Khan, has emerged as one of the leading figures within British boxing, working with the likes of Gavin McDonnell, Jason Cunningham, Josh Wale, Robbie Barrett, and current IBO super featherweight champion Terri Harper.

The Yorkshire based manager is now setting his sights on expanding his management, training and promotional empire in Yorkshire to different parts of the United Kingdom. Bull opened up to BM on his plans moving forward and discussed his recent successes.

He said, "Things are going really well at the moment and we are proud to have Terri Harper really at the forefront of the success. She came to me a few years ago and to have navigated her to become world champion and work alongside one of the biggest promoters in the world in Matchroom Sport has been a really special journey. I'm really excited about Terri's next fight which will be a massive unification fight so things are really going well overall.

"I've worked with Gavin McDonnell for a long time and he is still as hungry as ever to become a world champion. He tells Terri all the time how he wants a belt like hers, so who knows in the future we could try and make that happen. I think Gavin has a world title in him and I'll do my best to bring that out of him."

Bull then discussed the facts behind his management, training and promotional set-up, "I train fighters alongside Ray Doyle and we have a great set-up and camp together. I manage around 40 fighters from the Yorkshire area and we put on shows on a regular basis as our main objective is to keep the fighters busy and progressing.

"I have now teamed up with Ryan Rhodes on the promotional front. Ryan and I have known each other years and we came up together as amateurs and remained friends in the professional ranks. Our plan is to expand outside of Yorkshire and look to work with fighters all over the country. So I'm very excited about the future."

Bull currently has two champions with the IBO, Terri Harper who holds world honours and Anthony Tomlinson who now holds the IBO International title. The Yorkshire native opened up about his relationship with the sanctioning body and his plans to work with them further going forward.

He said, "The IBO is a fantastic world sanctioning body and looked upon in great standing by every local boxing authority worldwide, in our case the British Boxing Board Of Control. They have had some amazing champions over the years such as Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton, Naseem Hamed and that is from Britain alone. These are fighters that the fighters coming through now looked up to, especially Naz in Yorkshire where we are based.

"Ryan Rhodes says to me all the time how he wishes he could have won an IBO World title and I wish I had challenged for IBO titles myself when I was a professional . This does act as an added incentive to help our fighters get opportunities with a sanctioning body that really looks to help its champions progress.

"Terri Harper will be in one of the biggest female fights of the year and I'd love to see her defend her title abroad in the future. Anthony Tomlinson will now challenge for the Commonwealth title after he won the IBO International title. This is the trend we want to continue and the IBO has been great with us and has shown why they have been in boxing for such a long time and had such great champions up to this day with the likes of Andy Ruiz Jr and Julian Williams to name a few."