'Method behind the madness': Coldwell on Fury vs Bellew

Shaun Brown
15/12/2017 3:50pm

Photo: Dave Coldwell, Twitter, @davidcoldwell

David Coldwell explains the rationale behind a possible Tony Bellew vs Tyson Fury fight to Shaun Brown...

A few eyebrows were raised when talk of a fight between Tony Bellew and Tyson Fury went from banter to believable.

The pair have exchanged verbals about fighting one another in 2018, should Bellew beat David Haye in their May rematch and Fury regain his licence with the British boxing board.

Bellew, a former world cruiserweight champion, would be giving away considerable advantages to Fury in the height, weight and reach department but Bellew's trainer Dave Coldwell explained to Boxing Monthly why they are going after this fight.

"There's a method behind the madness," said Coldwell.

"With [WBC champion] Deontay Wilder you've got a guy of that size, that reach but you've got that dynamite explosive power. Anthony Joshua: Another big giant, a machine, he's powerful, he's strong... they're just completely different fighters. Tyson Fury: although he's big, and although he's heavy and long and skillful he's not got the same lights out one-shot power that the other guys have got."

Fury has also been knocked down by Steve Cunningham, another former world cruiserweight champion who decked the man six inches taller than him in the second round of what was an American showcase event for Fury.

Although there are avenues to exploit for Bellew, Coldwell is fully aware of the seismic challenge that presents itself in front of them should the fight happen.

"We believe Tony hits hard enough to do damage on Fury as well, but the thing that I will say about Fury is I do rate him. You need a proper long camp to prepare for someone like him because he can box orthodox or southpaw.

"He uses his range and height extremely well. He's an awkward and tricky customer and you have to give him all the respect in the world for what he's capable of.

"The bottom line is we don't mind being underdogs in fights. The thing about Tony is he's been underdog in quite a few of his fights and he kind of relishes it. It's one of those fights that he can get his teeth into and we can get our teeth into."

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