Mason Menard: 'Rock Hard Mighty'

James Oddy
12/05/2016 6:06am

In boxing, one shot can alter the course of a career, for better or worse. When Louisiana lightweight Mason Menard (31-1, 23 KOs) connected with a beautiful counter right to starch previously unbeaten Eudy Bernardo in Verona, New York, last month, he announced his arrival as one to watch in the division. The bout, broadcast on Showtime in the U.S., ended in what many felt could be the knockout of the year after Menard, nicknamed 'Rock Hard Mighty', had impressed with his all round skills. The 27-year-old Menard, back in his home State, was gracious enough to provide Boxing Monthly with some of his time.

BM: I've read in the American media how you are now a 'contender' at lightweight and are a 'rough diamond'. Does that feel positive? Or do you feel you've just not been given the opportunities?

MM: It does feel positive. The expression means, I just popped up out of nowhere, from the dirt and now that I'm discovered I need some polishing done to get my shine on. Plus I haven't had the opportunities until now.

BM: What is your first memory of boxing?

MM: I was 8 years old entering the ring at 55 pounds. Got the W on my first fight.

BM: Who were your first trainers?

MM: My first and only amateur trainer was Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Trahan.

BM: Who trains you now? 

MM: My first and only pro trainer is ‘Bad’ Chad Broussard. 

BM: For people who haven't seen how you box, how would you describe your style? 

MM: I get asked this a lot and, to be honest, I really don't know what to call it but it's for sure a style they would love to watch.

BM: What is the boxing scene like in Louisiana?

MM: We have some pretty good fighters around here. I spar with just Louisiana guys to get ready for fights.

BM: What’s your favourite venue to box in? 

MM: Any venue, I just like to fight. 

BM: Your knockout of Eudy Bernardo was seen around the world - how did it feel to get such an emphatic win?

MM: It's a one of a kind feeling. It's truly a blessing.

BM: What’s your plan for the next year to 18 months? What’s your ambition in the game? 

MM: Goals to achieve is getting a world title fight, win it, and start making the six figure pay days. I believe that's every fighter’s goals in general.

I'm just trying to be the best I can be. Whatever happens, happens but just know I'm working hard to achieve these goals of mine.