'Life is always about helping others': Maurice Core interview

Chris Glover
06/10/2019 1:39pm

Former British light heavyweight champion Maurice Core, talks about honouring Phil Martin, his work in Manchester and much more...

Maurice Core has been a mainstay in Manchester boxing for decades in multiple capacities. From winning British titles himself, operating the Phil Martin centre in Mosside, Manchester all the way to working alongside legends such as Prince Naseem Hamed, there isn't much Maurice Core hasn't seen.

Manchester boxing has never really stopped buzzing since the days that saw the likes of Ricky Hatton winning world titles at the Manchester Arena and greats like Carl Thompson shocking the world by stopping David Haye.

Now, Maurice, alongside Mike Le-Gallez is one of the cornerstones of the Contender VIP series which debuted on 21 September at Manchester's fantastic Hilton Hotel in Deansgate and saw a night of 50/50 fights.

Core opened up about the Contender VIP Promotions, it's concept and discussed in inaugural event which honoured the life of Manchester legend Phil Martin. "Firstly I thought our first show was an absolutely fantastic way to honour the life of Phil Martin.

"Phil was a revolutionary in terms of Manchester boxing and the Contender VIP Series is a continuation of the legacy that he left. Everything that went into the show is a continuation of Phil Martin's philosophies and beliefs. It was a very special event to be a part of.

"From a boxing perspective, the night was quality, full of young hungry fighters looking to make a name for themselves. The likes of Jake James, who I believe is going a long way is a perfect example of what we have set in stone for the future of Contender VIP Promotions. Young, hungry fighters getting opportunities to shine and progress. That is what pro boxing should be about and I'm glad myself, Haroon Headley and Mike Le-Gallez are all working together to make that happen."

Core not only was a British Champion but has been a figurehead of the legendary 'Champs Camp' boxing institution in Mosside, Manchester for decades. From fighting out of the gym which saw him challenge for British and European honours, all the way to training fighters and being involved in some of the biggest events in boxing over the last 30 years.

The one time British light heavyweight Champion discussed his life from a training viewpoint. He said, "Manchester has always been a fighting city and Champs Camp has been an integral part of that fighting spirit for years and years. I've seen some amazing fighters come through the doors of the Phil Martin Centre over the years and I've loved every second of it.

"For me, I enjoy seeing young kids come into the gym and look to make something of themselves just as much as I enjoyed working with the likes of Naseem Hamed. Life is always about helping others, so working with all the kids in Manchester and seeing them succeed in their own unique way has always given me great satisfaction and is something that I will continue to do for years to come."