Latest World and British Ratings (November 2015)

Colin Harris
04/11/2015 11:20am

Boxing Monthly’s World and British rankings for November 2015 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome.


Heavyweight: Anthony Joshua won (now 14-0) and became Commonwealth champion by beating Gary Cornish (now 21-1) who drops to No.7.  Dereck Chisora won (now 22-5) and Dillian Whyte won (now 16-0).  Sam Sexton returns to the ring and comes into our ratings at No.10, pushing out Dorian Darch. Cruiserweight: Ovill McKenzie drew (now 25-12-1). Enzo Maccarinelli announced his intention to fight at cruiser and won a fight at that poundage (now 40-7) to re-enter the division at No.3 and shuffle everyone down (and Stephen Simmons out). Light-heavyweight: With Maccarinelli back up at cruiserweight everyone shuffles up a spot, Hosea Burton won (now 14-0) and Jack Morris (14-2-1) comes in as our new No.10. Super-middleweight: George Groves lost (now 21-3), Luke Blackledge won (now 20-2-2) over Lee Markham (now 14-3-1) and Frank Buglioni lost (now 17-2-1). We see Liam Cameron dropped, Lee Markham move to No. 9 and Jamie Cox (19-0) come in at No.10. Middleweight: John Ryder won (now 21-1), and Tommy Langford won (now 14-0) who goes to No.9 over Adam Etches in our only change.

Super-welterweight: Liam Smith won the WBO title (now 21-0-1) and goes to No.1  ahead of Brian Rose. Gary Corcoran won (now 14-0) and rises to No.8, Jimmy Kilrain (now 16-0) enters our rankings at No.9, Kris Carslaw drops to No.10 and Freddie Turner drops out completely. Welterweight: Bradley Skeete won (now 21-1) and Ahmet Patterson won (now 16-0) but we have no actual changes. Super-lightweight: Ashley Theophane won (now 39-6-1) and moves to second place, John Wayne Hibbert won (now 16-3) over Dave Ryan (now 17-9) and took the Commonwealth title from him - while entering our rankings at No.4 and shuffling everyone down. Jack Catterall won (now 13-0) and moves up to No.8. Bradley Saunders lost and is dropped from our ratings, while Johnny Coyle won (now 11-0-1) remains at No.10.  Lightweight: Terry Flanagan won (now 29-0). Gary Buckland retired after losing to Sean Dodd and so is dropped from No.9, with Craig Evans moving up and Dodd (now 10-1) coming in at No.10. Super-featherweight: Stephen Smith won (now 23-1), Jon Kays lost (now 21-5-1) and drops to No.8 below Andy Townend. Troy James is dropped from No.9 for inactivity, meaning John Simpson rises to No.9 and Anthony Cacace (now 12-0) rejoins us in the No.10 spot.

Featherweight: Ryan Walsh won the British title (now 19-1-1) over Samir Mouneimne, who announced his retirement and is dropped from No.4, with everyone below shuffling-up accordingly. Jon Slowey lost (now 19-2) and drops a spot while Ben Jones rejoins our rankings as No.10.  Super-bantamweight: Martin Ward (now 22-2-1) is now at super-bantam and comes in at No.5. Bobby Jenkinson (now 9-1-1) leaps into our ratings at No.6 as he beats Lewis Pettit (now 17-2) for Commonwealth honours and shuffles everyone down, with both Muheeb Fazeldin and Ramzy Nassa being pushed out by the aforementioned newcomers.  Bantamweight: Ward has gone from No.4 as he heads to super-bantam so everyone shuffles-up a spot from below that point. Ryan Burnett won (now 11-0) and rises to No.8, while Brad Watson lost (now 10-1), with Marc Leach coming in as our new No.10. Super-flyweight: Paul Butler won (now 19-1) and Anthony Nelson won (now 11-0) but, we have no actual changes this month. Flyweight: Charlie Edwards goes to No.3 as he wins the English title (now 5-0) and beats Louis Norman (now 10-1-1) who falls to No.4.  Waleed Din drops to No.5 and Jamie Williams is nudged out.


Heavyweight: Deontay Wilder won (now 35-0) and Anthony Joshua won (now 14-0) but we have no actual changes. Cruiserweight: Yoan Pablo Hernandez has retired and departs from No.2 spot accordingly, with everyone below shuffling up. Rakhim Chakhiev won (now 24-1), Oleksandr Usyk moves to No.8 because new IBF champion Victor Ramirez draws (now 22-2-1) and falls to No.9. Tony Bellew returns in our No.10 spot. Light-heavyweight: Adonis Stevenson won (now 27-1), but no actual changes this month. Super-middleweight: Badou Jack won (now 20-1-1) over Groves (now 21-3), who drops to No.10 in our only change, while Fedor Chudinov also won (now 14-0). Middleweight: Peter Quillin won (now 32-0-1) but we have no actual changes. Super-welterweight: Jermall Charlo (now 22-0) won the IBF title and enters our rankings at No.3, beating Cornelius Bundrage who is dropped from our ratings.  Austin Trout won (now 30-2), Vanes Martirosyan won (now 36-2-1), Julian Williams won (now 21-0-1-1) and new WBO champ Liam Smith comes in at No.9, pushing Anthony Mundine down and edging out Willie Nelson. Welterweight: Floyd Mayweather retires so Nos. 2-10 all shuffle-up a spot and Errol Spence Jr (now 18-0) comes in as our new No.10.

Super-lightweight: Viktor Postol rises to second place (now 28-0) as he wins the WBC title against Lucas Matthysse (now 37-4). Humberto Soto loses and is dropped from our rankings, with Antonio Orozco (now 23-0) coming in at No.10. Lightweight: Jorge Linares won (now 40-3). Flanagan won (now 29-0) and goes up to second spot. Argenis Mendez departs our super-feather rankings and comes in at No.7 (now 23-3-1) as he beats Miguel Vazquez (now 35-5) who drops to No.9. Mendez arriving means Raymundo Beltran is dropped. Super-featherweight: Roman Martinez drew (now 29-2-3) with Orlando Salido (42-13-3), who rises to No.4. Javier Fortuna won (now 29-0-1), Mendez leaves from No.7 to be listed at lightweight. Jose Pedraza won (now 21-0), Smith won (now 23-1), and Oscar Valdez (now 17-0) comes in as our new No.10. Featherweight: No changes. Super-bantamweight: No changes. Bantamweight: Shinsuke Yamanaka won (now 24-0-2) over Anselmo Moreno (now 35-4-1) and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai won (now 45-6-1), but there’s no actual changes.  Super-flyweight:  Omar Narvaez won (now 44-2-2), David Sanchez lost and is dropped from our ratings, moving Kohei Kono up to No.9 and Luis Concepcion (now 33-4) comes in as our No.10. Flyweight: Juan Francisco Estrada won (now 33-2), Kazuto Ioka won (now 18-1) and Juan Carlos Reveco won (now 36-2), but there’s no actual changes. Light-flyweight: Paipharob Kokietgym won (now 31-0), but there’s no actual changes. Minimumweight: Hekkie Budler won (now 29-1) and Wanheng Menayothin won (now 39-0). Katsunori Takayama won (now 30-7-0-1) and rises to 3rd, Xiong Zhao Zhong won (now 26-6-1) and Alexis Diaz won (now 17-1). Jeffrey Galero is dropped from 10th in favour of Jesus Silvestre (now 31-6).