Latest World and British Ratings (December 2015)

Colin Harris
30/11/2015 3:17pm

Boxing Monthly’s World and British rankings for December 2015 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome.


Heavyweight: No changes. Cruiserweight: Askin (now 18-3-1) drew with Bennett (now 7-1-1) but no actual changes occur. Light-Heavyweight: Cleverly lost (now 29-3) but remains top. Clarkson dropped from 4th for inactivity and everyone below shuffles up accordingly. Shinkwin won (now 12-0) and Ricky Summers comes in as our new number ten. Super-Middleweight: Callum Smith goes 2nd as new British champion (now 18-0) as he defeats Rocky Fielding (now 21-1) who drops to 6th. Jamie Cox won (now 20-0) and rises to 9th over Markham. Middleweight: Eubank Jr won (now 20-1). Macklin went down to 154lbs so is dropped from here and all below shuffle-up accordingly. Ryder won (now 21-2), O’Kane lost (now 14-2-1) and Doran won (now 16-0) but no-one changes position. We bring in Elliot Matthews (15-0-1) as our new number ten. Super-Welterweight: Matthew Macklin returns to 154lbs and goes 3rd as he wins (now 34-6) against Jason Welborn (now 17-4) and shuffles everyone lower down a spot, with Carslaw dropping out. Welterweight: Egginton won (now 17-2), Ekundayo won (now 11-0) and rises to 6th over Patterson, and Vassell is dropped in favour of Dale Evans (10-3-2) who joins in 10th. Super-Lightweight: Catterall won (now 13-0) and Hughes won (now 13-1) but no actual changes occur.

Lightweight: Flanagan won (now 29-0), Burns won (now 39-5-1) and Cardle won (now 19-0) but no-one changes place. Dodd lost and drops from tenth spot to be replaced by Thomas Stalker (now 10-1-2) who drew with Craig Evans (now 14-1-1). Super-Featherweight: Cacace won (now 13-0) and jumps to 8th in our only change. Featherweight: Selby won (now 22-1), Tennyson won (now 14-1) and McCullough won (now 13-2) but no-one changes position, while Jones won (now 20-5-1) and goes to 8th. Super-Bantamweight: McDonnell won (now 14-0-2). Yafai won (now 8-0) and leaps to 8th, while Economides won (now 18-5) and Thomas Patrick Ward joins in 10th (now 15-0). Bantamweight: Farrag wins European title (now 14-1) and rises to 3rd. Cunningham no longer Commonwealth champion and also lost now (17-3), while Leach won (now 6-1). Super-Flyweight: Yafai (now 17-0) is British champion and Jamie Conlan also won (now 15-0) – but there’s no actual changes. Flyweight: Din lost (now 7-1) but no actual changes.


Heavyweight: Povetkin won (now 30-1) and Pulev won (now 21-1) but there’s no actual changes happening. Cruiserweight: Lebedev won (now 28-2) and moves to 3rd over Huck. Both Kudryashov and Chakhiev lost, spectacularly, and are dropped down: Usyk goes to 6th, Ramirez to 7th, Ola Afolabi (now 22-4-4) rejoins our ratings in 8th with his win over Chakhiev, Bellew goes 9th and Ovill McKenzie (25-12-1) comes in at tenth. Light-Heavyweight: Bernard Hopkins is dropped for inactivity as he reaches a year and has nothing planned, but is replaced by Andre Ward (still WBA-Super champ at 12st, for the time being). Fonfara won (now 28-3) and moves up to 4th. Super-Middleweight: Ward is now listed at 12st so 2-10 all shuffle-up a spot. Callum Smith (now 18-0) enters at number 6 and shuffles the bottom half of the table back down. Middleweight: Golovkin won (now 34-0) and unified the IBF strap from Lemieux (now 34-3) who drops down a spot to 6th. Eubank Jr also won (now 20-1). Super-Welterweight: Jermell Charlo won (now 27-0), but we have no actual changes. Welterweight: Bradley won (now 33-1-1-1) over Rios, who announced his retirement and is dropped from 8th, thus meaning Mikhaylenko and Spence move up to 8th and 9th. We bring-in Lamont Peterson (now 34-3-1) as our new number ten

Super-Lightweight Round-Up: Peterson goes to Welterweight so is dropped from 4th. Crawford won (now 27-0), Adrien Broner (now 31-2) won the WBA-Super title and comes in at 4th, and Provodnikov won (now 25-4). Eduard Troyanovsky (now 23-0) rejoins our ratings in 7th as he dethrones IBF champ Cuenca (who is dropped), with Barthelemy and Benavidez slipping to 8th and 9th. Lightweight: Dierry Jean is dropped from 8th with a loss at 10st, Commey won (now 23-0) and moves up to 8th, while Kevin Mitchell (39-3) rejoins our rankings in tenth spot. Super-Featherweight: No changes. Featherweight: Lomachenko won (now 5-1), Selby won (now 22-1) and Gradovich won (now 20-1-1), but we have no actual changes. Super-Bantamweight: Rigondeaux has been stripped of both world title belts. Ceja has been named WBC champ, Pagara won (now 25-0) and moves to 7th, while Martinez also won (now 33-6). Bantamweight: No changes. Super-Flyweight: Kono won (now 31-8-1) over Kameda and rises to 6th, with Concepcion going to 9th and Noberto Jimenez (22-8-4) coming in as our number ten. Flyweight: Gonzalez won (now 44-0) over Viloria (now 36-5) who drops a place to 7th in our only change. Light-Flyweight: Nietes won (now 37-1-4). No changes. Minimumweight: No changes.