Latest World and British Ratings (March 2016)

Colin Harris
13/03/2016 7:25am

Boxing Monthly’s World and British Rankings for March 2016 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome (ratings up to and including 9 February results).


Heavyweight:  Parker won (now 18-0) but we have no actual changes. Cruiserweight: No changes.  Light-heavyweight: Kovalev won (now 29-0-1) over Pascal (now 30-4-1), who drops to 9th.  Oosthuizen is dropped from 10th and replaced by Sullivan Barrera (17-0).  Super-middleweight:  Groves won (now 22-3) but no actual changes occur.  Middleweight: No changes.  Super-welterweight:  No changes.  Welterweight:  Garcia won (now 32-0) and became WBC champ, moving up to 6th.  Mikhaylenko also won (now 21-0) and Tim Bradley vacated the WBO title.  Super-lightweight: No changes.

Lightweight: No changes.  Super-featherweight: No changes.  Featherweight:  No changes.  Super-bantamweight: No changes.  Bantamweight: No changes.  Super-flyweight: Sor Rungvisai won (now 38-4-1) but we have no changes.  Flyweight: Saengthep won (now 38-3) but no changes occur.  Light-flyweight: No changes.  Minimumweight: Freshmart won (now 12-0) over Buitrago (now 28-2-1-1) and goes to 4th in our only change.


Heavyweight: Hughie Fury won (now 18-0) but we have no changes.  Cruiserweight:  No changesLight-heavyweight: No changes.  Super-middleweight: Groves won (now 22-3) and Markham won (now 15-3-1) but we have no actual changes.  Middleweight:  Ryder won (now 22-2), but no actual changes.Super-welterweight: Patterson won (now 17-0) and jumps to 6th, shuffling everyone else down in our only change.  Welterweight: No changes.  Super-lightweight: Hibbert won (now 17-3) but no actual changes occur.

Lightweight: Kevin Mitchell retired, 5-10 all shuffle-up and we bring in Sean Dodd (10-2) as our new number 10.  Super-featherweight: Ward won (now 13-0-2) and now jumps up to 4th shuffling Murray-Jupp-Smith down a spot each.  Simpson is dropped from 10th and replaced by Maxi Hughes (now 15-2-2).  Featherweight: Walsh won (now 20-1-1) and Tennyson won (now 16-1).  Warrington vacated the Commonwealth title, but our only change is dropping Kris Hughes for inactivity and bringing in Leigh Wood (now 16-1) as our new number 10.  Super-bantamweight: Pettit won (now 18-2) but no changes occur.  Bantamweight: Burkinshaw announced retirement so goes from 6th while the rest shuffle-up and Ashley Lane (now 6-6-2) comes in at 10th.  Super-flyweight: No changes, but to keep unity with Flyweights we have added Jay Harris (7-0) as our number 6.  Flyweight: Din won (now 8-1) but no changes occur.