Latest World and British Ratings (January 2016)

Colin Harris
03/01/2016 10:18am

Boxing Monthly’s World and British rankings for January 2016 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome (ratings up to and including 28 November results).


Heavyweight: Tyson Fury won (now 25-0) to become WBO/IBF/WBA-Super champion. Hughie Fury won (now 17-0) while Richard Towers is dropped from 8th for inactivity. Ali Adams goes to 8th, Sam Sexton won (now 21-3) and goes to 9th while we bring in David Allen (8-0-1) as our new number 10. Cruiserweight:  Craig Kennedy won (now 13-0) but there are no actual changes. Light-heavyweight: No changes. Super-middleweight: DeGale won (now 22-1), Murray lost (now 32-3-1), but there’s no actual changes. Middleweight: Blackwell won (now 19-3-1) and Taylor won (now 18-1-1) but no actual changes occur. Super-welterweight: Rose won (now 28-3-1) and Sheedy won (now 16-1) but no changes occur. Welterweight: Skeete won (now 22-1) but no actual changes occur. Super-lightweight: Nurse won (now 32-2-1) and became British champion when beating Jenkins (now 16-1-1), but there’s no actual changes.

Lightweight: Anthony Crolla (pictured) won (now 30-4-3) and became WBA champ but we have no actual changes. Super-featherweight: Townend won (now 15-3) but no actual changes. Featherweight: Tennyson won (now 15-1) and McCullough won (now 14-2). Lowe drew (now 11-0-1) with Ryan Doyle (now 11-1-1) who comes in at 8th and shuffles the rest down – with Traynor being dropped. Super-bantamweight: Dickens won (now 21-1) over Martin Ward (now 22-3-1), Yafai won (now 8-0) and in our only change Thomas Ward won (now 16-0) and moves to 9th. Bantamweight: Haskins was proclaimed champion by the IBF so gets the title status here (even though the scheduled fight didn’t happen so his record is the same). Hall won (now 19-4-2).  Burnett won (now 12-0) and became British champion, rising to 5th. Booth retires so Watson goes to 8th and Leach goes 9th with our new number 10 being Thomas Kindon (now 6-0). Super-flyweight: Wilson won (now 8-1) but we have no actual changes.  Flyweight: Edwards won (now 6-0) but we have no actual changes.


Heavyweight: Tyson Fury wins (now 25-0) and goes to number 1 as new WBO/IBF/WBA-Super champion with his win over Wladimir Klitschko (now 64-4) who drops to 3rd below Deontay Wilder. Stiverne is dropped after his latest fight with Glazkov, Jennings and Chagaev all moving up a spot. Joseph Parker (now 16-0) comes in at 9th and Erkan Teper (15-0) tenth, pushing out Kubrat Pulev.  Cruiserweight: No changes. Light-heavyweight: Andrew Ward has relinquished his WBA 12st title.  Alvarez won (now 19-0) over Chilemba (now 24-3-2) and jumps to 7th with Chilemba falling to 10th. Super-middleweight: DeGale won (now 22-1), Abraham won (now 44-4), and Ramirez won (now 33-0) - jumping up to 7th in our only change. Middleweight: Saul Alvarez wins the WBC title (now 46-1-1) from Miguel Cotto (now 40-5) and comes in at number 2, with Cotto dropping to 6th and thus shuffling everyone down and ultimately pushing N’Jikam out. Super-welterweight: Alvarez goes to middle so everyone previously 2-10 shuffles-up a spot.  Lara won (now 22-2-2) and Jermall Charlo won (now 23-0). Mundine lost and is dropped from our ratings.....with Williams moving up to 6th and Smith going 7th.  Demetrius Andrade (now 22-0) returns to our ratings in 8th, Joshua Clottey is demoted to 9th and we see Willie Nelson (24-2-1) return to our rankings in 10th.

Welterweight: Spence Jr won (now 19-0) and moves up a spot to 8th in our only change. Super-lightweight: Barthelemy moves down to lightweight, with Benavidez and Orozco moving up a place each and Felix Diaz (17-1) coming in at tenth.  Lightweight: Crolla won (now 30-4-3) and became WBA champ when beating Perez, with Crolla moving up to 5th and Perez dropping out. Barthelemy (23-0-0-1) comes in at 3rd as he drops down from 140lbs. Super-featherweight: Vargas won (now 23-0-1) the WBC title and goes to second as Miura loses (now 29-3-2) and drops to 6th, Vasquez drops to 7th and Pedraza 8th. Featherweight: Vetyeka won (now 28-3).  Velez lost and drops from our top ten meaning Cuellar rises to 9th and we bring in Ronnie Rios (25-1) as our new number ten. Super-bantamweight: Rigondeaux won (now 16-0) and Martinez won (now 34-6) but we have no actual changes.

Bantamweight: Caballero is dropped for inactivity and was also stripped of his IBF title, meaning 7-10 all shuffle-up a place and Liborio Solis (22-3-1) comes in as our new number 10. Super-flyweight: Cuadras won (now 34-0-1), Sor Rungvisai won (now 37-4-1) and Jimenez won (now 23-8-4) but we have no actual changes.  Flyweight: No changes. Light-flyweight: Guevara lost (now 26-2-1) the WBC belt to Yu Kimura (18-2-1) who comes in 4th with Guevara dropping to 5th. Kokietgym won (now 32-0) and moves 6th with Raul Garcia being dropped for inactivity. Melindo also won (now 33-2). Minimumweight: Menayothin won (now 40-0) but we have no changes.

Photo copyright: Lawrence Lustig.