Latest World and British Ratings (February 2016)

Colin Harris
09/02/2016 9:10am

Boxing Monthly’s World and British Rankings for February 2016 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome (ratings up to and including 16 January results).


Heavyweight: Joshua won (now 15-0) and Parker won (now 17-0). Luis Ortiz won (now 24-0-0-2) and gatecrashes the rankings in 6th with Jennings being dropped to make way.  Teper is dropped from 10th due to drug-test failure.  David Haye (now 27-2) comes in at 7 as Glazkov is dropped, plus new IBF champ Charles Martin (now 23-0-1) comes in at ten. 

Cruiserweight: Usyk won (now 9-0) and Bellew won (now 26-2-1) but no changes occur. Light-heavyweight: Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (now 15-0) comes in at 9th and shuffles Oosthuizen down and Chilemba out in our only change. Super-middleweight:  No changes. Middleweight: Jacobs wins (now 31-1) and moves to 3rd as he thumps Quillin (now 32-1-1), while BJS wins (now 23-0) and moves to 4th as he becomes WBO champ when beating Andy Lee (now 34-3-1) who drops to 5th. Cotto stays 6th, Eubank Jr rises to 7th with his win (now 21-1), Lemieux goes to 8th, with Quillin 9th and Soro 10thSuper-welterweight: Smith won (now 22-0-1).  Clottey is dropped from the ratings, Nelson moves up to 9th and we bring in Charles Hatley (26-1-1) in 10th.  Welterweight: No changes. Super-lightweight: Figueroa won (now 26-0-1) and Benavidez won (now 24-0) but we have no actual changes. 

Lightweight: Barthelemy won (now 24-0-0-1) and became IBF champ beating Denis Shafikov (now 36-2-1) who drops to 10th.  We drop Vazquez and Mitchell from 9th and 10th, being replaced by Ismael Barroso (now 19-0-2) who comes in at 6th and Mickey Bey (now 22-1-1-1) who comes in at 9thSuper-featherweight: Uchiyama won (now 24-0-1).  We had Salido on 42 wins but he should be on 43.  Walters moves up from Featherweight and comes in at 6th as he draws (now 26-0-1) with Jason Sosa (now 18-1-4) who comes in at 10th.  Vasquez and Valdez both get dropped. Featherweight: Walters has gone to 130lbs so everyone shuffles up.  Cuellar won (now 28-1) and goes to 7th, Ronny Rios is now at 8, we bring in Josh Warrington (22-0) as our new number 9 with Gradovich (now 21-1-1) dropping to 10thSuper-bantamweight: Donaire won (now 36-3) and became WBO champ, Servania won (now 27-0) but drops to 7th, Martinez has gone to Featherweight so is dropped from 10th and replaced by Moises Flores (now 24-0).

Bantamweight: Sor Rungsvisai is dropped from 9th.  Solis wins (now 23-3-1) and moves up a spot while Marlon Tapales (now 28-2) comes in at 10thSuper-flyweight: Inoue won (now 9-0), Cuadras won (now 34-0-1) and Tete won (now 22-3).  Concepcion won (now 34-4) and leaps up to 7th.  Orucuta is dropped, Jimenez goes to 9th and we bring in Takuma Inoue (now 6-0) as our new number ten. Flyweight: Ruenroeng won (now 17-0) and Ioka won (now 19-1) over Reveco (now 36-3) who drops to 7th. Moruti Mthalane (now 32-2) returns to our rankings in 6th.  Juarez has gone down to Minimumwweight and Fuentes has gone to Light-fly so both are dropped, and our new number ten is Yodmongkol Vor Saengthep (now 37-3).  Light-flyweight: Taguchi won (now 23-2-1).  Kimura promoted to 3rd while Akira Yaegashi (now 23-5) gatecrashes at 4th when winning the IBF belt from Mendoza (now 24-3-1) who drops to 8th.  Moises Fuentes comes in at 6th (now 23-2-1), Kokietgym won (now 32-0), Petalcorin and Loreto are both dropped and Francisco Rodriguez Jr (now 17-4-1) is brought in as 10th.  Minimumweight: Jose Argumedo (now 16-3-1) leaps into our top ten in 4th when winning the IBF title from Takayama (now 30-8-0-1).  Tanaka won (now 6-0) and goes to 3rd.  Diaz won (now 18-1) while Silvestre is dropped from our ratings.


Heavyweight: Joshua won (now 15-0) and annexed the British title.  A comebacking Haye won (now 27-2) and comes in at 3rd. Whyte lost (now 16-1) and drops to 6th.  Chisora has won THREE times (now 25-5), Hughie Fury won (now 18-0) and is 5th.  Ali Adams is dropped with his loss to Dominic Akinlade who comes in as our new number ten and as Southern Area champ, nudging out David Allen (there’s some dispute over whether Price’s loss to Teper has officially been made a NC. We’re leaving him as 19-3 because the EBU have stated the result stands).

Cruiserweight: Bellew won (now 26-2-1), Maccarinelli won (now 41-7), Askin won (now 19-3-1), McCarthy won TWICE (now 8-0) and Conquest won (now 16-2).... but there are no actual changes. Light-heavyweight: Joel McIntyre won (now 13-1) and Ricky Summers won (now 10-0) but no changes occur. Super-middleweight: No changes. Middleweight:  BJS won (now 23-0) and became WBO champ.  Eubank Jr won (now 21-1) and Tommy Langford won (now 15-0) moving up a spot to 7thSuper-welterweight: Smith won (now 22-0-1), Williams won and annexed the British title (now 13-0-1) while leaping up to 4th. Kilrain is dropped from 10th and replaced by Ahmet Patterson who has decided to stay at 154 (where boxing recently, although officially a Welter).

Welterweight: Patterson is gone from 7th as he moves to super-welter, with 8-10 all shuffling-up accordingly, with Shayne Singleton (21-1) being reinstated as our number ten.  Super-lightweight: Daws lost (now 30-4-2), Catterall won (now 14-0) and moves up to 7th while Hughes won (now 14-1) and moves up to 8th. Lightweight: Mitchell lost (now 39-4) and drops to 4th.  Campbell lost (now 12-1) and drops to 7th, while Evans and Stalker drew for a second time (now 14-1-2 and 10-1-3 accordingly).  Super-featherweight: George Jupp gatecrashes to 5th with his win (now 13-2) over Mitchell Smith (now 13-1) and shuffles everyone down, with Jon Kays being dropped. Featherweight: No changes. Super-bantamweight: No changes. Bantamweight: Kindon won (now 7-0) but no changes occur. Super-flyweight: Butler won (now 20-1) but we have no actual changes. Flyweight: Norman won (now 11-1-1) but drops to 5th as we bring in Andrew Selby (now 3-0) in 4th place.