Knockout Of The Year 2015

Boxing Monthly
27/12/2015 10:43am

Boxing Monthly’s online team select their picks for the ‘Knockout Of The Year’ in the latest of our 2015 awards.

Anthony Crolla KO 5 Darleys Perez. Boxing has a mixture of characters, it is different to, say, the sanitised dross of the overhyped British football scene and the cliché driven blandness of mainstream sports. That said, I’m going to trot out a cliché by stating that Crolla is the nicest man in boxing - it was written in the Magna Carta - and deserved to take home a portion of the lightweight world title. The fact he did it at home with a body punch that Ricky Hatton would have been proud of was the icing on the cake. It is an uplifting, positive story and it showed another side to boxing’s game. – Terry Dooley.

Gabriel Bracero TKO1 Danny O'Connor. All it took was 41 seconds for the best right cross of the year. It was an unforgettable KO from the punch to the way O'Connor's left leg curled to the way he landed. Thankfully, he was okay. – Shaun Brown. 

Canelo Alvarez KO3 James Kirkland. Just a devastating, savage, horrifying knock out that had social media buzzing for days and weeks after Kirkland slammed into the canvas. – Michael Montero.

Felix Verdejo KO2 Josenilson Dos Santos. Verdejo’s knockout of might not have come on a high profile card or in a crucial fight but it did show that the Puerto Rican wonder kid is back up and running after a terrible hand injury ruined his 2015. Not many fighters are capable of throwing the fight ending combination with as much accuracy or power. It was picture perfect. – John Evans.

Zolani Tete KO8 Paul Butler. There was just something simplistically devastating about that KO punch.  Summed-up the brutality of the sweet science and how quickly one beautiful punch can end a fight (no matter who is winning). – Colin Harris.

Canelo Alvarez KO3 James Kirkland. Alvarez was on fire. Everything he threw he caught Kirkland with. The final blow would have knocked out an elephant. - Paul Zanon.

Zolani Tete KO8 over Paul Butler. This wasn't the most violent knockout of the year, but it established Zolani Tete as a fighter to watch in the UK and around the world. His ability to slowly break Butler down before landing the devastating boxing shot was world class. – Shawn Smith. 

Krzysztof Glowacki’s stoppage of Marco Huck nearly won my vote for overseas fight of the year, but in the end I’ve slotted it in as ‘KO Of The Year’ instead. Huck did well to find his feet again after a heavy left and a right to the head precipitated a knockdown in round 11, but underdog Glowacki showed no mercy, steaming in to pound the long-time cruiser champ through the ropes and then on to the canvas to complete a Rocky-style off the canvas victory. Stirring stuff. - Luke Williams.

Hometown favourite Danny O'Connor was given the opportunity to avenge his 2011 decision loss to Gabriel Bracero. Unfortunately for O'Connor, Bracero had other ideas. Having only stopped four of his 25 previous opponents, Bracero wasn't a noted puncher but he showed that timing can be just as important as natural power, when he timed a perfect right hand to send his opponent to the canvas. If you've ever been inconvenienced by hipsters and would like to see a man with a beard and top-knot knocked out then this is the one for you. – John A McDonald.

Alvarez-Kirkland. Even in the face of the crushing knockouts delivered in competing combat sports this year (Ronda who?), boxing continues to amaze and delight (and injure) with several truly devastating blows to choose from. Canelo proved just too strong and swift for Kirkland and landed a knockout that ensured Kirkland’s mind and will had truly left the building. – Jessi Jackalope.

Canelo Alvarez vs James Kirkland. The erratic James Kirkland always makes for good fights and when he's not laying a beating on someone, is getting sparked himself. This fight was no exception and the right hook that felled Kirkland for the final time is not something I (or he) will forget for a long time. – Callum Rudge.

Latvian puncher Mairis Briedis wiped out Manuel Charr with a single, beautifully timed right uppercut in round five of their bout in Russia in mid August.  With just seconds left in the fifth stanza of a not particularly exciting fight, Charr chased Briedis in to a corner only to be met with a thunderous uppercut that put him to sleep instantly as he fell into the bottom rope a la Pacquiao against Marquez. – Danny Winterbottom. 

Enzo Maccarinelli KO4 Roy Jones Jr. A brutal knockout that left people shaking their heads, worried and wondering what sort of incident or intervention it will take to keep RJJ out of the ring for good. If he'd walked away after John Ruiz, he'd have long been inducted into the IBHoF and sitting in many all-time P4P lists. Does the sport need more power to say enough is enough? – TKO Radio. ‘KO Of The Year 2015.’ – Canelo Alvarez WKO3 James Kirkland.