Jennifer Charlton on her 'Knives Down Gloves Up' calendar

Luke G. Williams
31/12/2019 2:07pm

juneBoxing photographer Jennifer Charlton talks to Boxing Monthly about her new project to raise money and awareness for the 'Knives Down Gloves Up' campaign...

Jennifer Charlton has assembled an impressive portfolio within boxing - incorporating work for the World Boxing Super Series, Cyclone Promotions, MTK and  Matchroom among others.

However, she also has another mission - to raise money and awareness for the 'Knives Down Gloves Up' campaign through a special 2020 boxing calendar featuring her photographs of talents including Josh Taylor, Robbie Davies Jr and Lewis Ritson among others.

"I'm a single mum of three and I despair at the way the world is going for our kids," she tells BM, "I wanted to combine my passion for boxing photography and my love for the people involved in boxing, to try and do some good for our kids and help make the world a safer place.

"After speaking with Paul Kavannah from Knives Down Gloves Up, I was impressed with the work they do and wanted to raise money to enable them to continue their good work, and hopefully cover more areas of the UK including Scotland to spread their message."

The strikingly designed calendar costs £15 including postage and packaging and is available to order from Jennifer direct via email at:

Jennifer Charlton is on Instagram jennifercharltonphotography and Twitter @jencharlton21