'I trusted the universe all the way': Charlie Edwards interview

Ezio Prapotnich
30/09/2019 8:18pm

Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

WBC flyweight champion Charlie Edwards talks to Ezio Prapotnich about the law of attraction, why the WBC title was meant to be his and a possible rematch with Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar...

It’s like when you look for your glasses all over the place only to find out you had them on your head the whole time.

There is a type of universal, innate truth about life and your purpose in it that everybody has within them and, when understood, it presents itself as a confirmation rather than a revelation.

The moment Charlie Edwards won his world title was like the fitting of the shoe on Cinderella or a butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis, meaning something that was unavoidably bound to happen when the time was right.

The WBC flyweight champion of the world explains to Boxing Monthly the real secret behind his success and the responsibility that comes with it. It’s not about money, glory or fame and you can do it too. As long as you really believe it...

BM: When was the first time in your life you felt a sense of purpose and realized you were meant to achieve something important? Also, was it just a feeling or a clear vision?
CE: Initially, I started boxing just to lose weight and get fit. Eight months into it, my old coach told me I was going to be a world champion. My father supported this vision and instilled it into me till I really believed it and it took over my life. It became clearer and clearer as I went up through the levels.

BM: It is well known that you are a believer of the Law of Attraction, a principle according to which your thoughts, whether positive or negative, determine the circumstances of your life. When and how did you discover it?
CE: Fact is that I, like anyone else, have been using it all my life but wasn’t aware I was doing it. My dad always told me before every fight “You already won this. Go to bed tonight and see it in your head. Visualise your plan A, B and C.” I was in Turkey with Anthony Joshua for my first Senior European tournament when I saw the documentary “The Secret” and found out about it. I kept visualising winning a bronze medal and that’s exactly what happened. I was putting limitations on myself by not visualising the gold and realised why everything in my life up to that point went the way it did. My mindset created the circumstances. It was more a confirmation than a revelation.

BM: So why did it not work against Casimero in your first world title shot?
CE: It wasn’t meant for me to become world champion at that time but it was necessary and instrumental for it to happen later. I was facing a two-time world champion who was also a massive puncher very early in my career. I was advised not to take the fight but I was as hungry and determined as inexperienced and may be a bit naive. But, I still believed I was going to be a world champion after. It made me re-assess and change a lot of things but without that defeat I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

BM: Can you give practical examples of how you used the Law of Attraction in order to achieve your championship goal?
CE: It’s not a coincidence that I won the WBC out of all belts. When I first started my pro career, former WBC champion Charlie Magri used to come down to my gym and advise me. I used to hang on to his belt and visualise winning it. It is not by chance that I wore green and gold my whole career and not an accident I am the green and gold world flyweight champion right now.

BM: How did it feel to finally win the title?
CE: A complete inner shift but one that was meant to be. It was a long time coming but it had to happen. That night feels like a movie in my head. I trusted the universe all the way, I stepped on the right path all the time and I am still on the right path now. No wonder it came to me!

BM: Entering your second title shot, were your motivations somehow different than first time?
CE: Yes. The first time I was chasing fortune and fame, the second time it was purely for my mum. And that is the key point. The secret is that good things come to you when you wish and do good things for others.

BM: Can you give your own definition of world champion?
CE: It involves a lot responsibility. I have to be a role model so I can inspire and motivate others. The belt in itself is just a device that enables me to express myself and give positivity out.

BM: Your mother’s health issues are well documented. For all people going through a similar struggle, can you give a word of advice on how to keep going through your life while having to deal with something painful that you cannot control?
CE: You don’t always get to choose the cards you are dealt in life, but you can choose how to use them. You can turn negative circumstances into motivation or just dwell on them. The thing you must never allow yourself to do is to give up, because you when you give up on yourself you affect also everybody else around you.

BM: Where do you see your life going after you stop fighting? Will you still be involved with boxing in some capacity or is there anything else you’d like to explore?
CE: I love boxing but there is more to life. I am open to different possibilities and new motivations, although I don’t know what they are yet. May be I will start some type of business. But, never say never. Boxing is a big part of my life and I might stick around in a managerial position.

BM: Talking about the immediate future, is a rematch with Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar unavoidable?
CE: I want the rematch and voiced my decision but I’m waiting for my management team at MTK to make the best choice. There might be bigger opportunities. Regardless, I won’t be fighting till March. I've kept going non-stop for the last six years and had the last three fights within a six-month span. It took a toll on my body, I need to reset and recharge. Sometimes the best way to make things happen is to turn your attention somewhere else and let them follow their course naturally.

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