Haye tips Joshua to overcome Klitschko

Luke G. Williams
12/02/2017 9:19am

David Haye believes Anthony Joshua has the beating of Wladimir Klitschko, as he explained to Luke G. Williams in this previously unpublished excerpt from a recent interview which appears in the current edition of Boxing Monthly magazine...

Haye on Klitschko vs Joshua
“I think Klitschko is trying to erase the memory of his horrendous loss to Tyson Fury where he just didn’t throw any punches. I think he wants to end his career with a win against a young guy. He’s trying to erase that negative stigma. He just refused to throw any punches. Why that happened, I don’t think we’ll ever know, probably only he knows why.

“He’s desperate to prove that was a one-off fluke but leaving it one and a half years and being 41 years of age, the odds are sliding away from him.

“But then how much worse can it get than losing to someone like Tyson Fury? Someone with Tyson Fury’s mentality, someone who turned up in Germany in a Batman outfit. It was a complete joke.

“It was probably the worst day of Wladimir’s life, not only to lose but to lose to Tyson Fury – a polar opposite character. One of them likes to play the good guy, and Wladimir said he was going to punish Tyson Fury blah blah blah but he just couldn’t rise to the occasion.

“That [defeat] stung him and still does. I think that’s the only reason this Joshua fight is happening, because he wants to erase that horrible night when he just couldn’t throw any punches – it’s not like he was getting hit back a lot either. It was probably one of the fewest punches in a heavyweight contest ever to be honest. It made my fight with Wlad look like Hagler Hearns.

“Everybody knows how boring Wladmir Klitschko is when he fights. Even on his best day he’s boring, all he does is jab and grab. Wladimir Klitschko’s best night was probably when he fought me and that was a real boring fight. He didn’t let his hands go - I was against the ropes with my hands down and he still didn’t commit.

“If that was the case [then] how about when he’s got a big guy [like Joshua] in front of him? He’s just going to jab and grab hold of him.”