Golovkin-Brook: final thoughts

Luke G. Williams
09/09/2016 12:01pm

With Saturday night's showdown almost upon us, we offer a few final thoughts and point you in the direction of a wide selection of Boxing Monthly online articles about an intriguing contest ...

1. If Kell Brook wins there will be quite a few people forced to eat their words. Not least the nine members of the BM online team who have all picked Golovkin ...
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 2. If, as expected, Golovkin wins it certainly won't be the end of the road for Brook, and other big fights could await. It's a point James Oddy makes in his preview of the fight.
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3. There's something refreshingly 'old school' about this contest. As examined in the article below, there's nothing new about welterweights seeking middleweight glory.
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4. This is a fight that has certainly got people talking. Among them our own Jessica Sinyard and the Stealing Rounds podcast team. Check out their thoughts below.
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5. Golovkin and his team are super-confident and super-focused, while also granting Brook the respect he deserves. Check out Michael Montero's various interviews and footage from the Golovkin camp before the team travelled to the UK.
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6. What happens on Saturday night is bound to have a bearing on the current BM P4P standings - either enhancing or damaging Golovkin's standing, while a Brook victory could see him break the top ten.
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