Fury means business

Terry Dooley
10/11/2015 3:56am

Morecambe-based heavyweight contender Tyson Fury fights for the heavyweight world title in less than three weeks and the 27-year-old believes that his keen grasp of boxing history coupled with his versatility will ensure that he upsets the odds and end Wladimir Klitschko’s reign.

Fury (24-0, 18 KOs) is a keen student of the game, he told Boxing Monthly that knowledge of your sport and division is essential if you are to succeed.

“When it comes to my job, I have to know my business - you couldn’t have a bricklayer who doesn’t know how to lay bricks,” Fury told BM. “I’m a heavyweight boxer so have to know the heavyweights. I know about every heavyweight in the world, his record, his stance and whether he’s any good. I have to.”

Fury often switches between the orthodox and southpaw stance; he told BM that this ability to mix things up will confuse Klitschko and ensure that he brings the belts back home.

“I’ve always switched back and forward to southpaw since I was an amateur, but never really go it to perfection it until 2013,” he revealed. “I am as good a southpaw as I am an orthodox. Remember when I said I’d go southpaw against [Martin] Rogan and no one believed me, I did it.”

Klitschko is as ruthless at the negotiating table as he is in the ring, hammering opponents with rematch and other clauses before signing on for a fight. This infuriated David Haye, but Fury has a sneaking admiration for the way the world champion goes about his business ahead of their clash at Dusseldorf’s ESPRIT Arena.

He said: “It’s strictly business with Wlad. It’s not about winning or losing. He’s very educated in business and has got good people around him. If I was the champion, I’d want to make as much money for myself as possible. It’s not being hard, it’s being sensible.

“Everyone wants a winner, the more successful you become the more idiots you get trying to hang onto your shirt tails to try and get something from you. No one asks a loser to do something for them, do they? You don’t ask a loser to promote your business, everyone wants a winner, someone who has got the glory.”

In less than a month's time, Fury will be given the opportunity to gun for glory in front of a huge crowd. Win lose or draw, it should rank amongst Klitschko's more interesting title defences, if Fury fights as good a fight as he has talked, and there is every indication that he will do.