Doing it for the Kid (Galahad)

Danny Flexen
11/06/2019 7:17pm

In the latest issue of Boxing Monthly trainer Dominic Ingle speaks to Danny Flexen. In this online extra from the interview, Ingle talks to Flexen about the Barry Awad (aka Kid Galahad) story and the challenge of facing Josh Warrington...

“Barry first came in the gym at 14. Me Dad thought this kid had been sent as a spy. Barry said he’d seen Naz at mosque and Naz had said, ‘If you wanna be world champ you need to go my old gym, and work with Brendan Ingle.’

"Me dad one morning showed him footwork for 10 minutes, said he’d be back in half-an-hour and Barry was doing these lines for three hours; he daren’t stop. Brendan walked in and he was still doing it. He had him in all week just doing footwork, trying to piss him off so he’d leave, but Barry were none the wiser so stuck it out. Most kids disappear after the first hour.

“He said a few months later, ‘Can I train in the morning?’ I said, ‘I train pros then,’ so he said, ‘I’ll come and watch,’ but brought his gear and joined in. He had that initiative at 14.

“Even when he got his ban, he trained every day. He’s only a year behind Josh Warrington, which makes you think how hard he’s had to have it, how quick he’d have got there without the ban and with a promoter backing him all his career.

"Warrington is a lad, a Leeds fan, likes to go on the lash, so he’s had some long breaks between fights. Barry had a few fights each year but still managed to motivate himself to get into this position and that’s what will win him this fight.”