Commey's Connolly link-up: Michael Amoo-Bediako Snr interview

Chris Glover
09/05/2019 8:39pm

Michael Amoo-Bediako Snr discusses his link-up with Keith Connolly and the future of IBF lightweight champion and Ghanaian national hero Richard Commey...

Michael Amoo-Bediako Snr, the mastermind behind the success of IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey and world rated bantamweight standout Duke Micah, has announced that he has linked up with one of boxing's power players, Keith Connolly.

Connolly has been a longstanding figure in the careers of Danny Jacobs and many other elite names in the sport of boxing and has forged close relationships with all of boxing's highest regarded promoters. Amoo-Bediako Snr opened up to Boxing Monthly about his link up with Connolly and also discussed the future of current IBF champion, Commey.

"I was introduced to Keith Connolly by Andre Rozier whilst I was in Brooklyn some time ago visiting Richard," he said. "I have watched him closely and Andre recommends him highly not just as a boxing manager but as a friend as well.

"My job is to get Richard the best opportunities for career, so when Richard required a new promoter I sought the best in the USA I deemed to work with African fighters, which was Lou Dibella. When Richard required a new trainer I sought the best not just as a trainer but as a mentor as well, knowing that there would be many months where I would be away from Richard, and I couldn’t have chosen wiser than Andre Rozier.

"Now it has come to the stage in Richard’s career where he needs to maximize his financial position by being world champion, who better qualified than Keith Connolly? We all know his resume, it speaks for itself and we are all delighted to have him on the team."

Commey finally achieved the dream many foresaw for him in February, demolishing the game Isa Chaniev in two rounds to become the IBF lightweight champion. With the 135lbs division heating up, and Commey being one of the main pieces in the lightweight chess board, Amoo-Bediako Snr gave his take on what he foresees the future holding for his charge.

The Essex based manager said, "We are looking at Richard having a voluntary defence in June then we’ll see how the landscape is in the division.

"Richard’s ambition is to be the undisputed lightweight champion of the world by winning all five belts and becoming Africa’s first undisputed champion! All of us in the team echo those ambitions. We believe that we now have a formidable team for Richard to be successful in his quest in the not too distant future."